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You don't have to be a world leader or a superhero to wear the badge of courage

St George’s Day is among the most celebrated holidays in Bulgaria. Apart from the over 200 000 Bulgarians who bear the name George and its derivatives, St George is also the patron saint of the Bulgarian army. Carried away in the spirit of..

06.05.22 08:05 |

Patron saint’s day of bankers: The most important skill is to know how to manage our personal finances

According to legend, besides patron saint of fishermen and seafarers, St Nicholas also protects bankers. In 1992, the Association of Commercial Banks and the Bulgarian National Bank reinstated the tradition, broken for 45 years, of celebrating..

06.12.21 11:15 |

St. Nicholas Day is one of the most beloved Christian winter holidays in Bulgaria

In the calendar of the Bulgarians, December 6, also known as Nikulden , is a particularly solemn holiday in honor of St. Nicholas of Myra. He was born in the 3-rd century in Patara in Asia Minor. He led a righteous monastic life, helped the poor..

06.12.21 09:00 |

Sofia's Saint Nedelya Cathedral marks its patron saint's day

Today, when the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honours the memory of the Holy Great Martyr Nedelya, all the temples named after the saint celebrate their feast day. The church of the Sofia Metropolitan "Sveta Nedelya" in the centreof Sofia will celebrate..

07.07.21 06:45 |

Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks day of Saint Mina, protector of families and travellers

On November 11, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church commemorates the feast of the Holy Great Martyr Mina (Saint Menas), considered the patron saint of the family and guardian of orphans and the homeless . Believers pray to St. Mina for the health and..

11.11.20 06:10 |

We honor the memory of earth angel Saint John of Rila

On October 19 the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors the translation of the relics of Saint John of Rila to Serdica (present-day Sofia) and his canonization as a saint. John of Rila is knows as wonderworker, because his name is associated with many..

19.10.20 06:00 |
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