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‎"When I Sing" reminds us to follow our path ‎with a smile

When do you sing? Is it when you feel good?... Kalin Veliov and Maria Avramidi ‎Kalin Veliov & Maria Avramidi sing even when they don't feel good. ‎ This is how their song "When I Sing" begins. But this is not their first joint ‎title...

26.01.23 11:07 |

French percussionist Jean-Baptiste Leclerc about his fascination with Bulgaria

"I fell in love with Bulgaria years ago - the first time I visited your country," says Jean-Baptiste Leclerc. The famous French percussionist lives in Paris, as a performer and teacher he often travels the world for concerts and master..

30.07.21 17:29 |
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