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Photo exhibition in Sofia tells about relations between Bulgaria and Denmark

A photo exhibition in the City Garden downtown Sofia draws our attention to 90 years of relations between Bulgaria and Denmark. The exhibition focuses on the letter of King Frederick VIII of Denmark to Bulgarian Tsar Ferdinand, informing the..

07.06.21 09:15 |

Exhibition shows how Bulgarian schools abroad celebrate May 24

The town of Veliko Tarnovo (Central North Bulgaria) hosts the photo exhibition “Together Around the World on May 24” . The selected photos show how the Bulgarian schools abroad celebrate May 24, Day of Slavonic Script, Bulgarian Enlightenment..

15.05.21 10:50 |

Outdoor exhibition in Sofia dedicated to Indonesia

Residents of Sofia and guests to the city can enjoy a photo exhibition from the largest archipelago on earth as they walk in the Crystal Garden . Entitled "Wonders of Indonesia", the exotic photos take us to sunnier and warmer latitudes...

03.04.21 13:15 |

Celebration of Irish culture will mark Saint Patrick’s Day in Bulgaria

For yet another year events in Bulgaria will mark an Irish holiday loved by many Bulgarians. It is the Day of Saint Patrick - a Christian missionary and patron saint of Ireland. On this occasion, the Embassy of Ireland in Bulgaria, with the..

16.03.21 17:15 |

Photo exhibition marks 110th anniversary of Bulgaria-Spain diplomatic relations

The National Center of Polar Research and the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute unveiled a photo exhibition at the Central Lobby of the Sofia University. The exhibition is named “Bulgaria and Spain, Neighbors and Friends on Antarctica”. The..

13.03.21 07:00 |

Photo exhibition traces the return of Southern Dobrudzha within the bounds of Bulgaria

“Dobrudzha 1940” .   This is the title of a photo exhibition opening in Varna on 11 September. It is part of the events marking the 80 th anniversary since the signing of the Treaty of Craiova and the return of Southern Dobrudzha within the bounds of..

12.09.20 05:05 |
Georgi Mitev – „Starry night over Passo Giau

Photo exhibition "Directions" – a colorful kaleidoscope of the modern world

A photo exhibition was officially opened there on the first day of September in Crystal garden in central Sofia. The exhibition is called "Directions" and until September 14 presents the best shots from a photography competition of the State..

02.09.20 10:54 |
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