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The legacy of Sibylle Bergemann on show in Sofia

Sibylle Bergemann is one of the most significant German photographers of the late 20 th and early 21 st century. "She was a strong woman. Throughout her life, she actively sought new ways to engage in her work and never lost her..

27.03.22 08:00 |

Photographer Vera Gotseva: Fortunately, we, Bulgarian artists, are not indifferent

“We, the artists and intellectuals of Bulgaria, believe that this war is not just a war against the sovereignty of one country, it is a war against humanity and civilization as we know it. We declare our readiness to help our Ukrainian colleagues with..

10.03.22 10:05 |
Panayot Burnev

Panayot Burnev’s photo archive takes us back to old Sofia and city life of the past

Some time ago Radio Bulgaria told you about the virtual platform "Bulgarian Visual Archive", which aims to show in an impartial and documentary way the photos of places, events and people in Bulgaria from the XX century. Head of the..

25.11.21 10:00 |

Works by photographer Antip Obushtarov show life in a Bulgarian village 100 years ago

It doesn't take a time machine to immerse ourselves in someone's past world. Just like the world of Antip Obushtarov - the photographer, whose glass plates reveal images, events and landscapes from a century ago. The glass photographic..

16.08.21 16:53 |

"The Unknown Photographer" Georg Wolz

The Sofia-based Synthesis Gallery continues its tradition of showcasing old and little-known masters of photography in Bulgaria from the end of the 19 th and the beginning of the 20 th century. The first in-depth study of Georg Wolz's..

10.07.21 07:00 |

A disappearing Bulgaria through the camera of Georgi Hadzhiev

A photographer, motorcyclist and musician, Georgi Hadzhiev has dedicated much of his time to exploring the forsaken territories in his native Bulgaria. He is looking for villages hidden high up in the mountains at over 1,000 metres altitude...

15.05.21 07:00 |

The breath of ghost villages or the music of silence

Wind in the branches, birdsong, raindrops and cracking glass from broken windows – this is what Bulgaria’s ghost villages sound like. In the region around Tryavna, a small town in the Balkan Range, there are some 100 old villages and..

14.03.21 08:00 |

Chaushi, arapi, babugeri and dzhumali – Evo Danchev and his magical mummers

Shortly after the euphoria around the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations in Bulgaria, it is now time for the processions of masked dancers. Bulgaria’s kukeri dancers (mummers) dress in costumes made of animal hair, don scary masks and belts..

24.01.21 07:05 |

Women of Sofia – colourful and versatile

Who is the most impressive of the women in Sofia? Bulgarian photographer Vihren Georgiev is looking for an answer to this question through his new project in which he collects many faces of women whom he encountered, accidentally or not, in..

08.01.21 16:26 |

How a photographer and a dancer breathed new life into Voden village

It looked like Ivan-Alexander and Stefania had decided to go with the flow and see where it took them. But in fact they set off a series of wondrous events in a border village in Mount Strandzha. And while the pandemic has kept people at..

18.12.20 09:20 |
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