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Why are pink flamingoes flocking to Bulgaria's Atanasovsko Lake

In the midst of the frosty winter, citizens of Bulgaria’s coastal city Burgas enjoy an exotic view. The Atanasovsko Lake, located in its vicinity, seems to be coloured in pink. What’s the reason? Here, for the second year in a row, a large..

01.02.21 15:40 |
Georgi Mitev – „Starry night over Passo Giau

Photo exhibition "Directions" – a colorful kaleidoscope of the modern world

A photo exhibition was officially opened there on the first day of September in Crystal garden in central Sofia. The exhibition is called "Directions" and until September 14 presents the best shots from a photography competition of the State..

02.09.20 10:54 |

Photo exhibition presents most emblematic artifacts from ancient Deultum near Burgas

Four photographers from Burgas have captured the elegance of valuable artifacts in 24 impressive photos presented in a joint exhibition entitled "Inspiration Deultum". Among the artistically photographed archaeological finds one can see a lead..

16.08.20 06:00 |
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