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Minister Rashkov before the parliamentary hearing

Boyko Rashkov: The existence of the “horror film” was known and it was concealed

“There is no data whether any of the four police officers who perpetrated the violence against protesters on 10 July last year have been held criminally responsible or whether criminal proceedings have been initiated against any of them. On the..

17.08.21 15:57 |
Freeze-frame of the footage of police brutality at last year's protests

Parliamentary hearing of interior minister regarding police brutality during 2020 anti-government protests to be held today

The first item on the agenda of today’s National Assembly sitting is the hearing, in parliament, of Interior Minister in the caretaker cabinet Boyko Rashkov regarding the actions taken to identify the persons who exceeded their powers during the..

17.08.21 06:00 |
Elena Yoncheva

MEPs to investigate police brutality during anti-government protests in Bulgaria

Members of the European Parliament LIBE Democracy, Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights Monitoring Group are to come to Bulgaria at the end of September to investigate the police brutality against protesters during last year’s anti-government protests..

15.08.21 16:31 |
Mladen Marinov, Interior Minister in the GERB cabinet

Former Interior Minister Mladen Marinov says he will sue anyone accusing him of concealing police brutality data

Concerning the footage showing police brutality against protesters that has been made public, former Interior Minister Mladen Marinov, now GERB party MP, wrote on Facebook that anyone accusing him of concealing data of crimes committed must prove..

15.08.21 14:23 |
Freeze-frame of the footage showing police brutality

Parliament convened for extraordinary sitting over police brutality footage

National Assembly President Iva Miteva is convening parliament for an extraordinary sitting on Tuesday over the footage showing police brutality at last year’s anti-government protests. The sitting will hear out caretaker Interior Minister..

15.08.21 10:24 |
Toshko Yordanov from ITN

Temporary parliamentary committee to investigate police brutality during last year’s anti-government protests

Use of tear gas and of force by the police during the anti-government protests, wiretapping of protesters and politicians from the opposition – these will be in the focus of attention of the newly established National Assembly temporary..

22.07.21 15:11 |

Results of probe into police brutality during protests to be released within days

The results will be made public, by the end of next week, of the probe into the videos showing the use of physical force by police officers in front of the Council of Ministers building during the anti-government protests. The probe..

17.07.20 11:15 |
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