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Two injured in latest police chase of SUV carrying 18 illegal aliens 

Two people were injured after last night's chase between police and a SUV carrying 18 illegal migrants on the road between Elhovo and Burgas. An Iraqi woman and a Syrian child were slightly injured in the incident.  The driver, a Georgian, was..

01.12.22 15:25 |

Another group of illegal migrants detained in Bulgaria

During a police operation early this morning, a vehicle with a Bulgarian driver and 10 illegally residing foreign citizens was stopped near the village of Iganovo near Karlovo. Four Bulgarians were also detained in a jeep that..

26.11.22 16:18 |

Three border police officers have been arrested

Three border police officers were arrested last night near Malko Tarnovo. "Irregular activity while on duty" is the probable reason for the arrests. The press center of the Ministry of Interior told BNR-Burgas that the..

26.11.22 13:38 |

President Rumen Radev does not accept the resignation of the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The National Security Service and the Ministry of the Interior cannot become hostage to short-term political ambitions, President Rumen Radev announced . He emphasized that he will not accept the resignation submitted by the Chief Secretary of the..

24.11.22 20:05 |

Police detains migrants and migrant smugglers in two car chases

A car with Polish license plates, driven by a Polish woman and transporting 10 Syrian nationals, was apprehended by police near the town of Dragoman not far from the Bulgaria-Serbia border. No people were reported injured during the police chase...

23.11.22 10:39 |
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Part of capital cordoned off after grenade found on street 

A part of the capital's Druzhba residential complex has been cordoned off by police after a hand grenade was found in the street. The ammunition was discovered by sanitation workers who filed a report with the Interior Ministry.  Police teams have..

22.11.22 14:53 |

Missing Syrian girl has been found

The Bulgarian police have found a previously missing Syrian girl, aged 12, living in the village of Bolyarino near Plovdiv. The parents reported the child was missing about five hours after she was last seen. The child and her family have the..

16.11.22 19:11 |

Georgi Semerdzhiev who caused fatal car crash in Sofia was driving at 166 km/h

Georgi Semerdzhiev, who was responsible for a serious accident on Cherni Vrah Boulevard in the capital city of Sofia that caused the death of two young women, was driving with a police light on, at a speed of 166 km/h when the limit..

15.11.22 16:52 |
Ivan Demerdzhiev

Nine police heads to be replaced in Sofia, Plovdiv and Kyustendil

The heads of seven of the nine regional police stations in Sofia will be replaced , as well as the heads of the Regional Directorates of Interior in Plovdiv and Kyustendil . This was announced by the interim Minister of Interior Ivan Demerdzhiev...

24.10.22 15:28 |

Police seize 80 kg of marijuana in a truck carrying meat

80 kg of high quality marijuana were found in a meat transport refrigerated truck , the prosecutor's office in Pernik said.  The approximate value of the find is €400,000 .  The truck was transporting 22 tons of pork. The cannabis was hidden in..

06.10.22 16:07 |

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