Political analyst Nedelcho Mihaylov: There is a chance for a minority government with a floating majority

This year's election was marred by the gravity of the situation - the looming threat of a global recession, high inflation, military conflict on our doorstep... In these critical times, instead of looking for ways to solve Bulgaria's problems,..

03.10.22 17:53 |

Another election campaign in Bulgaria

Bulgaria's centre-right GERB party widened its lead over its main rival, the reformist We Continue the Change (PP) a month ahead of the country's fourth parliamentary election in less than two years, an opinion poll showed on Thursday. But none of..

02.09.22 14:55 |

Prof. Evgenii Dainov: Rock music and politics have always gone together

Every year more and more festivals are added to the array of cultural events in the country, bringing popularity to well or entirely unknown locations, but also contributing to the economy of the regions, some with a long-lasting effect. “The..

25.08.22 14:05 |

The figure of the saviour – still sought after, despite the bitter lessons of the past

What does Bulgaria look like on the threshold of the third parliamentary elections for this uear and a regular vote for president and vice president? What are the hopes for the formation of a stable majority capable of nominating a government?..

06.10.21 16:37 |
Димитър Аврамов

In Bulgaria there is no political crisis but a crisis of strong party personalities

A second Bulgarian parliament will fail to elect a legitimate government, and the country will face parliamentary elections for the third time in a year. This entanglement in political stalemate has provoked the conclusion of many analysts that..

02.09.21 11:56 |

Votes by Bulgarian diaspora add value to elections in the country

A record number of polling stations abroad – 750 - are to be set up for the upcoming elections for parliament on 11 July. Though the Bulgarian community abroad have been casting their votes in other countries for 30 years this right of theirs..

17.06.21 14:35 |

The future parliament – a patchwork of all colours

The deadline for the parties and coalitions registered for participation in the coming general election to present their candidate lists at the regional election commissions expires today. Whether the Bulgarian voters will recognize any of them..

02.03.21 13:39 |
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