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Number of people willing to vote in case of third parliamentary elections declines

Slavi Trifonov's party "There is Such a People" - ITN has been increasing its electoral advantage over the GERB-SDS coalition, according to the latest Market Links poll commissioned by bTV. The study was conducted in the period July 21-28. In..

05.08.21 10:34 |

Leading Bulgarian politicians vote for…..

President Rumen Radev: "I voted for a country that belongs to the public interest". Bulgaria’s head of state voiced hopes that the parties would take a responsible and constructive approach, in order to meet..

11.07.21 18:43 |

Elections for members of parliament held for second time this year

The election day on which Bulgarian citizens are voting for members of the 46 th National Assembly, started at 7 AM and will continue until 8 PM Bulgarian time. 15 parties and 8 coalitions are vying for seats in the parliament of Bulgaria...

11.07.21 07:05 |

The election campaign in Bulgaria is coming to an end – what are the expectations?

We are witnessing the end of a less active political campaign for parliamentary elections. The reasons for this may be seen both in the early nature of the vote in the holiday season and also in the considerable funds spent by the..

09.07.21 08:20 |

Polling stations with more than 450 voters to have more than 1 voting machine

75 people managed to vote on one machine within an hour in an experiment conducted by the Central Election Commission . Two more experiments are pending, after which it will be decided how many additional devices are needed for the July 11 snap..

27.05.21 19:10 |
The Constitutional Court of Bulgaria

Constitutional Court rules that unlimited donations for political parties are unconstitutional

The Constitutional Court has ruled that the legal provisions allowing political parties to receive unrestricted donations from natural and legal persons are unconstitutional. The amendment was made through the transitional and final provisions..

27.04.21 15:16 |

7 parties with chance to enter parliament, 2 political formations competing for third place

Seven parties would enter the new parliament if the elections were held today, according to a Gallup International poll, commissioned by the Bulgarian National Radio. The poll has shown the following: 28.2% would vote for..

02.04.21 13:55 |

Young Bulgarians and elections

The political parties continue to find it difficult to reach the young voters. It turns out that attracting younger people as members of political parties is not enough to reach the young voters. The parties need to be more sincere and willing..

30.03.21 12:20 |

We vote for individuals without knowing their party programmes

The candidates of political parties registered for the forthcoming general elections in Bulgaria have 29 days to convince the Bulgarian citizens that they deserve to represent their interests in the future 45 th Bulgarian National..

08.03.21 13:54 |

Bulgarian society expects clear messages from politicians ahead of parliamentary elections

There will be almost twice as many political parties competing for the votes of Bulgarians during the parliamentary elections on April 4. This has become clear after the end of the registration campaign in the Central Election Commission. The..

18.02.21 16:23 |
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