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The voting machines are ready for being transported to polling stations

Bulgaria's Central Election Commission gave permission to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to start the transportation of the voting machines at 5:00 p.m. from the storage warehouse in Sofia according to an approved transportation plan. In the local..

03.11.23 17:16 |
Ivan Demerdzhiev, caretaker interior minister

Interior Ministry reports no buying of votes was allowed in the elections

The election process ended without serious incidents . We managed to cope with the task of ensuring the security of the elections, said the caretaker Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev, presenting summarized data on the work of the police during the..

03.04.23 13:43 |
Rositsa Mateva

There will be more staff to receive the tally sheets from the polling stations abroad

Conditions have been created to facilitate the process of registration of the vote for parliament abroad , Rositsa Mateva, Deputy chair of the Central Election Commission (CEC) says. In an interview with Radio Bulgaria, she explained that to avoid..

24.03.23 09:37 |

Polling stations in 62 countries to be set up for 2 April election for parliament

Between 730 and 740 polling stations will be set up in 62 countries for the 2 April election for parliament, Kalin Atanassov from the Foreign Ministry’s “Election” working group announced. A little over 160 polling stations are to be set up in..

10.03.23 11:51 |

Bulgarians in Turkey, Great Britain, Germany have greatest desire to vote in April 2 elections

Bulgarians abroad who want to vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections on April 2 must submit an application by midnight on March 7.  To date, nearly 33,000 applications have been submitted through the electronic system of the Central Election..

05.03.23 14:17 |

MPs vote to keep the multimember constituency for expatriate voters

Bulgaria’s lawmakers voted at a second reading to keep the multimember constituency for expatriate voters. The MPs also rejected the proposal to raise from 40 to 100 the number of voter applications required for the opening of a polling station..

01.12.22 18:34 |

Election day in Italy: Bulgarian tourists in Florence ‎are particularly active in voting

26 are the polling stations that opened their doors in Italy today, i.e. they are three less than in the elections of November last year. "This doe