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Bulgaria's poultry sector faces risk of mass bankruptcies

Industrial poultry farming in Bulgaria is in crisis and if no urgent measures are taken, mass bankruptcies are imminent, industry representatives warn . On the one hand, the purchase prices of eggs and chicken meat are falling lower and lower, at the..

23.06.21 17:27 |

Three outbreaks of bird flu identified in Bulgaria

In just a few days, three outbreaks of bird flu have been discovered in the Pleven region (Central Northern Bulgaria), which necessitated the killing of nearly 300,000 poultry . One outbreak was registered on a poultry farm with 100,000 hens and the other..

07.02.21 10:29 |
Bulgarian Food Safety Agency

Bulgaria bans sale of salmonella-infected poultry from Poland

The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency has discovered salmonella in two shipments of frozen chicken legs imported from Poland. The total quantity imported to Bulgaria is more than 32 tonnes. The poultry has been banned from sale and has not been allowed on..

21.04.20 19:38 |

Russia bans import of poultry from Bulgaria and other EU countries due to bird flu outbreaks

Russia will ban the imports of poultry from a series of European countries, including Bulgaria, due to bird flu outbreaks. Russia’s Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor) presented a list of poultry products..

04.02.17 19:09 |
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