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National strategy for reducing poverty up for public discussion

Poor people in Bulgaria account for 23.8% of the population or 1,660,000 people, reads the National Strategy for Reducing Poverty which has been posted to the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy for public discussion. The..

21.06.21 13:06 |

Nearly 24% of Bulgarians live below poverty line

In 2020, the poverty line for this country as a whole was 231 euros on average per household member a month. 1,659,900 people or 23.8% were below the poverty line, according to the National Statistical Institute. Compared to the..

28.04.21 15:24 |

Poor people to receive hot food in St. Petka church in Sofia

Every Tuesday at 12.00 in the yard of the St. Petka church in Sofia hot food will be distributed to people in need, the Sofia Metropolis has announced. The activity starts on the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus Christ marked on..

31.01.21 04:50 |

67% of Bulgarian households survive below the subsistence minimum

For a normal life of a four-member household - two adults and two children, a total of 1280 euros per month are needed, shows data of the Institute for Social Research of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions ( CITUB ).  The cost of living for a..

28.07.20 14:58 |

More than half of Bulgarians live in poverty: survey

Good education, accessible health care and the eradication of extreme poverty – these are the top priorities for creating good human capital in Bulgaria, say more than two-thirds (64%) of Bulgarians. Only 27% believe this can happen automatically by..

01.07.20 17:57 |
Poverty in Bulgaria

1 out of 5 Bulgarians living in poverty

In 2018 the poverty line in Bulgaria was set at 179 euros a month per person in a household. Poor people in Bulgaria are 1.55 million or 22% of the population, the National Statistical Institute reported. This is 114,000 less or almost 7%..

30.04.19 18:07 |

Social assistance for children stopped if they did not go to school

Social aid for children will be suspended for a year if they do not go regularly to kindergarten or school. This was decided at first reading by the National Assembly on a proposal by GERB for amendments to the Social Assistance Act. Measures proposed..

03.04.19 16:01 |

Salary in Bulgaria has marked 65-percent rise over 10 years, cost of living jumped 25 percent

1232 euros are needed per month for the living of a 4-member household, with two parents and two children, according to data of trade unions in Bulgaria. For a four-member family living in the capital city of Sofia the sum rises to 1636 euros. For the..

25.01.19 16:03 |

Bulgaria ranks first among EU members when it comes to number of people at risk of poverty

In 2017, 112.9 million people, or 22.5% of the EU population, were at risk of poverty or social exclusion, according to Eurostat. In Bulgaria 38.9% of the population are at such a risk, which places Bulgaria at the last place in the EU chart...

16.10.18 17:36 |

President Rumen Radev: Inequality in Bulgaria is far from any average European indicators

Today hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians live in poverty and social exclusion. They are placed in the degrading position to struggle to satisfy their basic human needs, Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev said at a round table dedicated to inequality and..

09.10.18 12:42 |
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