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President Radev (R) and MRF leader Mustafa Karadayi

Presidential consultations: Movement for Rights and Freedoms insists early elections must take place but will not shirk responsibility

During the consultations organized by President Rumen Radev, the leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, MRF, Mustafa Karadayi confirmed the movement’s position that what the country needs is early elections. However, he added that..

15.07.22 12:20 |
MRF leader Mustafa Karadayi (center) told President Rumen Radev (right) that the MRF does not see any options for forming a cabinet.

MRF: No chance of forming a cabinet

The consultations with the Head of State  on handing an exploratory mandate after the resignation of Petkov cabinet  have ended.   At the meeting with the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) their leader Mustafa Karadayi described the..

27.06.22 17:10 |

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