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Rumen Radev and Iliana Yotova win the presidential runoff with 66.72% of the votes cast

With 100% of the tally sheets being processed, the presidential candidate Rumen Radev with running mate Iliana Yotova wins 66.72% of the votes cast. Anastas Gerdzhikov with running mate Nevyana Miteva wins 31.8% of the votes. Rumen Radev and..

22.11.21 12:29 |

How Bulgarians imagine their ideal president

There are only several hours to go until the moment when we will learn the name of the new head of state of Bulgaria for the next 5 years. After the regular parliamentary elections on April 4, Bulgarians have been living in a constant..

21.11.21 07:50 |

Bulgaria elects President

For the 7 th time in its democratic history, Bulgaria is electing the President of the republic. The President is elected by direct popular vote for a term of five years, and can only be re-elected once. Today is the second round of the..

21.11.21 07:10 |

Day of election silence before presidential runoff election

Just as last Saturday, today is a day of election silence, a day on which voters can reflect on their choice for tomorrow’s second round of presidential elections between presidential candidates Rumen Radev, with running mate Iliana Yotova, and..

20.11.21 06:10 |

Seven parties enter parliament, serious intentions for coalition cabinet

Only the extremely low turnout prevented Rumen Radev from easily winning his second presidential term in office, while the new party "We Continue the Change" took the lead in the parliamentary race, contrary to..

15.11.21 16:35 |
Kubrat Pulev with the owners of the Bulgarian restaurant where the elections in Las Vegas took place

Rooting out corruption is the principal reason why Bulgarians in America went to the polls

Bulgarians in USA were able to exercise their right to vote at 55 polling stations. In 8 of them there was a machine vote – Washington DC, New York, Atlanta, Seattle, in the region of Chicago and in Las Vegas. Provisional..

15.11.21 15:28 |

Gallup: Rumen Radev and Anastas Gerdzhikov continue race for the presidency

According to the results of the exit poll of the Gallup sociological agency, a media partner of the Bulgarian National Radio, at 8 pm on November 14, 2021 the votes the presidential candidate pairs received are as follows: Rumen..

14.11.21 20:18 |
Bulgaria's Embassy to London

Zhana Staleva from Wimbledon: Bulgarians in England have not given up going to the polls

Great Britain is among the places with the biggest number of polling sections opened abroad for the parliamentary and presidential elections in Bulgaria on November 14. The election process in London has been going normally. Voter turnout is good..

14.11.21 19:43 |

The main obstacle on election day is the pandemic situation

Bulgarians are once again in front of the ballot boxes. For the third time this year Bulgarians elect representation in the National Assembly. The importance of the elections is big as today Bulgaria also decides who its head of state in the..

14.11.21 09:30 |

The main challenge for voting abroad are the short deadlines

A total of 751 polling stations will be organized abroad on November 14 for the 2-in-1 elections. They will be distributed in 68 countries. Machine voting will take place in 21 countries, with the largest number of machines - 96 - expected..

12.11.21 09:24 |
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