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Rumen Radev’s second term- a bid for stronger participation in Bulgaria’s social and political life

Rumen Radev won a convincing victory at the presidential runoff. That is why high hopes are attached to his second term of office. Moreover, a caretaker cabinet has been in charge of Bulgaria’s government over the last months, which is a proof that the..

22.11.21 14:37 |

Rumen Radev and Iliana Yotova win the presidential runoff with 66.72% of the votes cast

With 100% of the tally sheets being processed, the presidential candidate Rumen Radev with running mate Iliana Yotova wins 66.72% of the votes cast. Anastas Gerdzhikov with running mate Nevyana Miteva wins 31.8% of the votes. Rumen Radev and..

22.11.21 12:29 |

What does voters’ reluctance to go to the polls at the presidential runoff tell us?

The 4 th election day for 2021 registered an extremely low voter turnout in the country, barely clearing 30% (30.3%). Rumen Radev, who, according to inconclusive results wins the presidential election, commented the low motivation of the voters,..

22.11.21 09:14 |
Iliuana Yotova and Rumen Radev

Rumen Radev: People voted for change and for ousting the mafia from power

“An unprecedented political month has come to a close, a month in which there were two kinds of elections – parliamentary and presidential -  which clearly demonstrated the will of our people for change, for breaking with corruption and lawlessness,..

21.11.21 21:34 |
Anastas Gerdzhikov and Nevyana Miteva

Anastas Gerdzhikov: Our efforts have not been futile, we changed the political style

“I do not think that what we did has been futile. We have had a considerable influence in changing the political style, more specifically we showed that the right direction for the country is unity, not dividing lines,” stated Anastas Gerdzhikov in..

21.11.21 21:00 |
Rumen Radev

Gallup: Rumen Radev wins presidential election in Bulgaria by a wide margin

Incumbent President Rumen Radev wins the second round of elections for President in Bulgaria, with a 34% margin in front of the other candidate Anastas Gerdzhikov, indicate exit poll results by Gallup International, the Bulgarian National Radio’s..

21.11.21 20:06 |

Gallup: 29.1% voter turnout at presidential runoff as of 7 PM

29.1% of the Bulgarians eligible to vote have gone to the polls at the second round of the presidential election in Bulgaria as of 7 PM, according to data of Gallup International, the Bulgarian National Radio’s partner agency on election day...

21.11.21 19:44 |

Voter turnout at polling stations abroad

Voter turnout among Bulgarians in France has declined considerably compared to the turnout during the first round of the presidential election last Sunday. Once again, 18 polling stations have been set up there. There are no queues in front of..

21.11.21 18:40 |
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