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Bulgarian producers fear bankruptcies because of duty-free imports from Ukraine

European directive on duty-free imports from Ukraine could lead to replacement of Bulgarian products from the market. The price of Bulgarian agricultural produce has drastically risen because of higher prices of fuel and fertilizers...

28.06.22 15:07 |

Bulgaria will buy grain directly from the producers

The state will enter the grain market and will buy the necessary quantities to meet the needs of the population, the Advisory Council on Grain decided at a meeting with Prime Minister Kiril Petkov.  In this way, farmers will be able to sell their..

04.03.22 19:15 |

70% of vegetable greenhouses in Bulgaria stop working

70% of the vegetable greenhouses in Bulgaria have stopped working , the Bulgarian National Television (BNT) has reported.  "The reason is the extremely high prices of gas and electricity. The industry is collapsing," Teodora Krasteva, executive..

07.01.22 15:19 |

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