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Demonstration against restrictive measures in front of government buildings

A protest entitled "It's time for the masks to fall" was held in front of the National Assembly building, the presidency and the Ministry of Health, organized by the non-parliamentary Vazrazhdane party . The participants in the campaign spoke out..

11.09.21 16:15 |

Health authorities: Vaccinated persons may not wear masks at work

Employees who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 may be exempted from the requirement to wear a face mask at work. This will be at the discretion of employers, appointing authorities and individuals and legal entities that are owners or managers of..

06.07.21 18:35 |

Health authorities: Masks for teams of up to seven people not mandatory

As of today, the members of working teams of up to seven people may not wear a protective mask against coronavirus, according to an order of the Minister of Health Dr. Stoycho Katsarov. The condition is that everyone has been vaccinated or has contracted..

16.06.21 18:56 |
MP Pavel Shopov

Bulgarian MP removed from plenary for refusing to wear protective mask

Bulgarian MP Pavel Shopov was removed from a plenary session and received a disciplinary measure "reprimand" for obstructing the normal work of parliament . During the state budget debate, Shopov, who entered parliament as an MP from Ataka political..

25.11.20 17:15 |

Bulgaria introduces mandatory wearing of masks in public from April 12 until April 26 inclusive

As of April 12, all citizens in Bulgaria are obliged to wear a disposable or reusable face mask or another option covering the nose and mouth (including cloth, scarf, etc.) when they are in indoor or outdoor public places (including public transport,..

11.04.20 16:50 |

Health Minister revokes mandatory wearing of masks in public places

Due to lack of public consensus,  Bulgaria's Health Minister Kiril Ananiev has revoked the order he issued on March 30 regarding the mandatory wearing of protective masks in outdoor and indoor public places . We strongly recommend that people should..

31.03.20 13:25 |
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