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Famous musicians perform at “Future for Bulgaria” concert-rally

A big concert-rally entitled “Future for Bulgaria – future for the young” started at Eagles’ Bridge in Sofia, a central city intersection which the anti-government protests block temporarily every night. “Our aim is, in one place and on one..

27.09.20 17:12 |
Vladimir Genov who is on hunger strike

Day 80 of protests: Man, 14 days into hunger strike, will not eat until Boyko Borissov steps down

Last night’s rain in Sofia brought fewer people to the protest demanding the resignation of the government and the prosecutor general on the 80 th day of protests. “There may be five of us in the square today, but tomorrow there will be..

27.09.20 09:40 |

Day 78: Protesters pummel Movement for Rights and Freedoms headquarters with eggs

For the 78 th consecutive night protesters gathered in the space between the buildings of the Presidency, the Council of Ministers and the National Assembly to demand the resignations of the government and of the prosecutor general. This time..

25.09.20 09:15 |

On 77th day of protests “toxic trio” presents plan for Bulgaria

For the 77 th time last night protesters demanding the resignation of the government and of the prosecutor general gathered in the space between the buildings of the Presidency, the Council of Ministers and the National Assembly. As always,..

24.09.20 09:01 |

"Great People's Uprising 3" protest takes place in Sofia

At the backdrop of increased police presence in Sofia on the 76th day of anti-government protests, the so-called "Great People's Uprising - 3" has started. Protesters put up posters on the fence in front of the US embassy in the capital city,..

22.09.20 17:38 |

Protesters block freight traffic across Danube Bridge near Ruse

A blockade stopped traffic in the area of ​​the Danube Bridge near the city of Ruse. The event began as a motorcade protest that stopped at a roundabout near the border crossing. The Municipality of Ruse said that the notification of the protest..

22.09.20 13:10 |

The anti-government protest calls third “Grand National Uprising” on 22 September

The protests, demanding the resignation of the government of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and of Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev, as well as the holding of early, fair and free elections, have continued in Bulgaria for 68 days. At the 67 th..

14.09.20 08:55 |

Protesters seek support from European Commission representation

BOEC civic association submitted to the European Commission representation in Sofia, an address with the reasons for the demand for the resignation of Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev and of the government, BNR reports. The document points out that..

10.09.20 13:00 |

Protest for clean air planned for tomorrow in Rousse

After two consecutive nights of high levels of industrial air pollution in Rousse, a protest is being called on 10 September. Danube bridge will be closed, BNR reports. The protesters say that their demand for cleaner has no colour, only odor..

09.09.20 17:50 |

Protesters in Bulgaria do not want a restart with already compromised politicians

The start of the autumn political season in Bulgaria was given on September 2 with a sitting of the MPs from the 44 th National Assembly, strong public discontent and increased police presence. Citizens protesting against the country's government,..

03.09.20 08:56 |
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