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Anti-government protest in the centre of Sofia

An anti-government protest is taking place in front of the National Assembly building in the centre of Sofia under the motto “Breaking the mafia, taking back our country”. The protesters from “The system is killing us!” and from the..

13.01.21 12:05 |

Halfhearted protest in support of Donald Trump in Sofia

A few protesters supporting US President Donald Trump turned up in front of the US embassy building in Sofia . Carrying posters “Support Trump” and “Save America” they said they were symbolically joining the big pro-Trump demonstration expected later..

06.01.21 14:51 |

Nation-wide protest of taxi drivers

The Federation of Taxi Drivers and Carriers in Bulgaria organise a nationwide protest on December 15 , BTA has reported. In Sofia, the protest started with a rally in three directions. Drivers call for adequate working conditions,..

15.12.20 12:38 |

Another anti-government protest in Sofia

A protest has called for the resignation of the government and the Prosecutor General. The event has been peaceful, but hindered traffic in the center of the capital city. The protest is held on a significant date. 31 years ago, on..

14.12.20 18:30 |

Protest and counter protest take place downtown Sofia

Police officers and firefighters went on a second national protest downtown Sofia to demand a pay rise, BNR reporter Nikolay Hristov informs. Law enforcement officers are dissatisfied with the 15% wage increase planned in the 2021 state budget and..

29.11.20 14:04 |

Police officers to go on nationwide protest

Police employees have announced yet another national protest, which will be held in front of the National Assembly building in Sofia on November 29, BNR reports. The police officers are dissatisfied with the government's proposal to raise their..

29.11.20 07:10 |

Children from sports clubs, coaches and parents protest against ban on trainings

Children and teenagers practicing sports, their coaches and parents protested in Sofia against the order of the health minister to close the gyms and terminate the training process for persons under the age of 18.  "It is disastrous for an athlete..

28.11.20 16:51 |

Environmentalists protest against construction in Rupite locality near Petrich

Environmentalists from the Facebook group "Save Rupite" have gathered to protest against intentions for construction in the unique territory of Rupite known for its healing mineral springs and natural diversity, BNR reported. Rupite is located near..

28.11.20 14:20 |
Magdalena Miltenova

Bus transport and taxi companies go out on protest

A protest of the bus carriers and the taxi drivers has been announced for today. The reason for their dissatisfaction is the parliamentary-backed presidential veto on legal changes concerning unregulated transportation.  The motive for the..

25.11.20 06:25 |

Transplant patients organize protest against lack of adequate care

The transformation of the Sofia clinic of nephrology at Alexandrovska hospital, and of the pulmonary clinic at the Military Medical Academy into Covid wards triggered a wave of outrage among patients and doctors. This was the reason why a..

13.11.20 14:28 |
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