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Investigative reporter Nikolay Staykov

Amnesty International with scathing criticism of media freedom in Bulgaria

“ Media freedom and freedom of association further deteriorated as authorities targeted journalists and critics and cracked down on anti-government protests,” Amnesty International writes in the Bulgaria profile of its 2020/21 report on the state..

07.04.21 13:35 |

Important topics are missing from the election campaign in Bulgaria

Political analysts describe the election campaign in Bulgaria as sluggish and boring. The parties and coalitions are running an election campaign, as if there were no protests in Bulgaria and no problems exist in this country, said in an..

31.03.21 15:21 |

Restaurateurs demand lockdown for all or for no one

“No one believes that the lockdown will only last 14 days. A shutdown like this is admissible only if it is for absolutely all catering establishments and state institutions. So, let there be a two-week total lockdown,” the Bulgarian Association..

17.03.21 13:45 |
The Alepu construction site

Court rules construction permit in protected area Alepu is void

The administrative court in Burgas has ruled that the construction permit for the construction of Alepu Village resort complex in the protected area Alepu near Sozopol on the Black Sea is void. The court’s reasoning is that forgery of..

18.02.21 17:55 |

Protest organisers submit documents for participation in elections

The civil platform "Stand Up.BG" and the "Poisonous Trio" - organizers of the civic protests, lasting for more than 200 days, have submitted documents to the Central Election Commission for participation in the upcoming..

09.02.21 12:05 |

Bulgaria's Foreign Minister condemns arrests of protesters in Russia

Bulgaria's Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva has voiced a stance against the detention of peaceful protesters in Russia.  "We condemn once again the forcible detention of Alexei Navalny's peacefully protesting supporters . The use of..

01.02.21 09:38 |

Lockdown concerns Bulgarians more than Covid-19

Business closures are a cause for greater concern among Bulgarians than the health emergency itself, indicates an analysis of Gallup International sociological agency, which is to be presented today at an online discussion themed “Covid-19-where do..

28.01.21 10:41 |

Many protests are politicized, Minister of Social Affairs says

Bulgarian Minister of Social Affairs Denitsa Sacheva believes that some of the protests that have been organized recently are already an element of the election campaign. Minister Sacheva has clarified that this does not apply to..

27.01.21 17:14 |

Protest of Bulgarian restaurateurs is expected to take place downtown Sofia today

Bulgarian restaurateurs scheduled a protest for 12 pm on January 27. The demonstration is expected to take place in front the Council of Ministers building downtown Sofia. Restaurateurs insist that the catering establishments open on February 1, and..

27.01.21 05:00 |

Bulgarians living in Los Angeles travel to Washington to take part in protests

Bulgarian nationals living in the USA have travelled to Washington to join the protests. This was stated by Bulgarian journalist Evgeni Veselinov on Nova TV. The Bulgarians organized themselves mainly via social networks. According to Vesselinov, who..

07.01.21 10:48 |
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