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Bulgarians living in Los Angeles travel to Washington to take part in protests

Bulgarian nationals living in the USA have travelled to Washington to join the protests. This was stated by Bulgarian journalist Evgeni Veselinov on Nova TV. The Bulgarians organized themselves mainly via social networks. According to Vesselinov, who..

07.01.21 10:48 |

Debtors start round-the-clock protests in front of institutions

A newly established organization for protection of the victims of illegal actions of private bailiffs will start round-the-clock protest actions in front of a number of institutions tomorrow. This was announced by the founder of the Debtor Union Ivaylo..

03.01.21 14:55 |

One more night of anti-government protests expected on New Year’s Eve

Tonight, New Year’s Eve, anti-government protesters are once again expected to gather in front of the Council of Ministers building in Sofia, the latest in a string of protests which broke out on 9 July demanding the resignation of Boyko Borissov’s..

31.12.20 09:36 |

Protests held in Sofia and Plovdiv

At a protest in front of the Council of Ministers in Sofia, leader of the "Izpravi se.BG" civic platform Maya Manolova called for a moratorium on the payment of heating bills for November in Sofia. According to her, there should be a moratorium until..

21.12.20 14:27 |

Citizens gather for anti-government demonstration in central Sofia

Citizens protesting against the government have placed a Christmas tree in front of the Council of Ministers and called on those gathered to leave Christmas cards with their wishes for the resignation of the cabinet and the chief prosecutor , BNR reporter..

11.12.20 19:45 |

150 days of ani-government protests in Sofia

Sofia‘s boulevard s Dondukov and Tsar Osvoboditel were blocked by protesters against the government and Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev.  T hey threw rotten pumpkins at the Council of Ministers building and then broke through the enclosures..

05.12.20 17:15 |

Two protests block traffic downtown Sofia

Two protests merged in front of the Council of Ministers and completely blocked traffic downtown Sofia. Dissatisfied citizens declared disobedience to the new anti-epidemic measures and tried to break the security line in front of the government..

25.11.20 15:31 |

Night of antigovernment protests in Sofia

A protest car procession of 40 vehicles under the motto “Waking up the powers that be” drove through Sofia at a speed of 20 kms. per hour and reached Boyan government residence. The protesters shouted “Resign!” , BNR’s Horizont channel reports...

20.11.20 19:14 |

Protests in front of headquarters of VMRO party takes place in Sofia

Tensions erupted in front of the party headquarters of VMRO party in Sofia on Monday night during the 131st day of anti-government protests Citizens dssatisfied with the government protested in front of the building of the party which is part of the..

17.11.20 09:14 |
Protest of students in front of Sofia University (photo is from previous protests)

University students in Sofia go on protest again

Students from several Sofia-based universities and the System Kills Us movement of mothers of children with disabilities have blocked the major road intersection in front of the main building of Sofia University in central Sofia. They demand the..

05.11.20 20:06 |
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