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Bulgarian grain producers call for meeting with the Minister of Agriculture over Ukrainian wheat

Bulgarian grain producers have called for a meeting with the caretaker Minister of Agriculture Yavor Gechev because of the unregulated import of cheap wheat and sunflower from Ukraine. This was reported to BNR by Shumen Malomir Vlasov from the..

03.08.22 15:35 |

Road construction companies end protests

Road construction and maintenance companies are putting an end to their protests, the Chief Executive Officer at Branch Chamber "Roads" Stefan Chaikov said. For the third day in a row, the protesters gathered in front of the National Assembly..

29.07.22 11:19 |

Road companies to close major roads across Bulgaria

Road maintenance companies are launching a series of protests across the country. The first protest will be staged today at 9.00 am in front of the National Assembly in Sofia and will continue all day.   Protesters are planning to close 20 major..

27.07.22 05:05 |

Grain producers threaten protests over grain from Ukraine

Grain producers from all over the country are threatening protests within two weeks. They plan to block off major thoroughfares in Bulgaria, the members of the board of the National Grain Producers Association decided at a meeting today, BNR’s Maya..

26.07.22 17:07 |

Road companies start protest because of unpaid money

On July 27, road maintenance companies hold protests and will block traffic in the center of Sofia and in over 20 points throughout the country. After October, there will be no road maintenance, the chairman of the "Roads" Branch..

26.07.22 12:25 |

Supervisors and court guards threaten national protest

Prison guards demonstrated outside the Palace of Justice in Bourgas.  The reason for the protest is the low wages in the sector. Demonstrations will also take place in other cities throughout the week, with a national mobilization planned for..

25.07.22 18:30 |

123 votes bring down government of Bulgarian PM Kiril Petkov

The government of PM Kiril Petkov failed to survive the vote of no confidence in the Bulgarian parliament. 123 MPs cast their votes against the cabinet as 116 voted for and none abstained. "It was an honor to lead a government that..

22.06.22 19:51 |

A hot protest summer in the offing in Bulgaria

Summer is here, and with it came a wave of protests in this country. Emotions in society have been heated up by two parallel crises – a political crisis that is connected with the vote of no confidence in the cabinet of Kiril Petkov, and an..

22.06.22 12:09 |

Increased police presence near Bulgarian parliament

Debates in the National Assembly on the motion of no confidence against the cabinet continue as there is increased presence of police and gendarmerie forces with heavy equipment near the parliament. Minister of Interior Boyko..

21.06.22 15:04 |

Protesters in front of Bulgaria’s National Assembly call for government's resignation

In the backdrop of ongoing debates in the parliament on the occasion of the no-confidence vote, protesting citizens called for the resignation of the ministers from the cabinet of Kiril Petkov. The protest was organized by political..

21.06.22 13:47 |

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