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Campaign against the use of laughing gas launched in Sofia

Sofia municipality’s preventive information centre on drug addiction is organizing a campaign “Using laughing gas is no laughing matter” in Sofia on 27 September, the Bulgarian news agency BTA reports. Laughing gas - new dangerous fad among..

27.09.22 16:36 |
Bulgaria’s Ombudsman Diana Kovacheva

Ombudsman Diana Kovacheva: Every Bulgarian school must have access to a psychologist

According to Bulgaria’s Ombudsman Diana Kovacheva, each Bulgarian school must have access to a psychologist. Psychological support for first graders is increasingly needed after last year’s distance learning. Ombudsman Kovacheva has received signals..

29.09.21 17:44 |

Ministry of Education psychologists will help children and students from Hitrino

A mobile group of psychologists from the Ministry of Education is ready to help children and students from Hitrino, the ministry press centre has announced. As soon as is possible, ministry officials will inspect the damage to the school and the..

11.12.16 10:00 |
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