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Appeals impede major road repairs in Bulgaria

All public procurement order s for major road repairs have been challenged. That is why we are losing hopes that we would be able to do major road repairs this year, Bulgaria’s Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Grozdan..

27.05.22 11:18 |

Infringements ascertained in one in three public contracts in 2020: Institute for Market Economics

Infringements have been ascertained in one third of the more than 1,500 public procurement procedures , amounting to 1.2 billion Leva,   which have undergone review, according to the Institute for Market Economics which cites the 2020 annual report..

12.06.21 10:39 |

Public procurement procedure launched for the delivery of additional 1,500 voting machines

The Central Election Commission (CEC) is launching a public procurement procedure for the delivery of an additional 1,500 voting machines needed for the elections on 11 July. The maximum price is 3.25 million euro, VAT excluded. The procedure..

04.06.21 12:02 |

Prosecutor's Office investigates 22 signals of Parliamentary ad hoc audit committee

Bulgaria’s P rosecutor's O ffice starts investigating 22 signals  sent by the  ad hoc audit committee  of the 45th National Assembly, informed the reporter of the Bulgarian National Radio Silvia Velikova. The Prosecutor's Office..

18.05.21 19:17 |
Outgoing Minister of Regional Development Petya Avramova

Parliamentary ad hoc audit committee looks into lack of transparency in spending on motorways

The parliamentary ad audit hoc committee spanning the past 10 years accused the managements of the Road Infrastructure Agency and of Motorways of unlawful award of contracts for road construction to subcontractors with close connections to the..

10.05.21 19:41 |

US Congressional Research Service: Bulgaria’s location gives it strategic importance for an array of US security concerns

“The fragmented results (of the election) may make it difficult for any party to form a government. (…) The next government faces an array of policy challenges, including mitigating the health and economic impacts of the Coronavirus Disease 2019..

28.04.21 11:49 |

Public procurement – a fertile ground for corrupt practices in Bulgaria

The award and implementation of public procurement in Bulgaria should guarantee the civic interest in spending public finances, but in recent years it has become the embodiment of corrupt practices in the country. The most appetizing bite is..

17.08.20 13:56 |

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