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Lack of personnel and high share of people outside the work force - problems of the Bulgarian labor market

The rise in energy prices and the war in Ukraine are among the main culprits for the rising cost of living throughout Europe. But unlike western countries that take a number of measures to limit the impact of the crisis on consumers, inflation in..

17.08.22 14:31 |

Seasonal employment in Bulgaria and its impact on the tourism industry

The lack of enough qualified personnel is among the biggest problems of Bulgaria’s business. This is a long-lasting problem, which occurred long before the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. The interest in seasonal employment remains..

25.05.21 15:11 |

Foreign investments in Bulgaria – opportunities amidst Covid-19 pandemic

A month before the end of 2020, we can safely say that it has become a kind of watershed between the world before and the world after Covid-19. Transformation of entire industries around the world is already underway and this will..

17.11.20 12:33 |

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