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Weather forecast: Sunny and hot Sunday, temperatures hit 39° C.

During the night the weather will be predominantly clear over most of the country. On Sunday, 23 June, the weather will be predominantly sunny and hot with a temporary increase of clouds in the afternoon over the mountain regions of Western..

22.06.24 18:10 |

Yellow weather alert for dangerous rain in 15 northern regions and in Sliven

On Thursday morning the weather will be sunny with clouds forming in the afternoon, and there will be rain, first over the mountains and then spreading to the entire territory of the country. In the North there will be heavy rain and hail. Minimum..

12.06.24 18:15 |

Thunderstorms in western and north-central Bulgaria on Monday

Sunny weather will prevail on Monday before noon. Around and after noon, cumulus and cumulus-rain clouds will develop at first in western areas, later in the east. There will be brief showers, accompanied by thundershowers, in more places in the western..

02.06.24 18:15 |

Sunshine, occasional showers on Sunday

The weather on Sunday will be sunny. In the afternoon there will be cumulus clouds over the western half of the country, but it will remain almost rainless. Winds from the east-northeast will temporarily strengthen.  Maximum temperatures will be..

25.05.24 18:25 |

Sofia is recovering after last night's storm

After last night's storm in Sofia, more than 18 teams of the "Emergency Assistance and Prevention" Directorate of the Capital Municipality worked throughout the night. Krasimir Dimitrov, the head of the directorate, told the BNR that the situation in..

23.05.24 08:56 |

Yellow code for precipitation in 13 regions, mostly in Central Bulgaria

On Thursday , the lowest temperatures in the country will be between 11 and 14°C; in Sofia about 12°C. During the day, there will be thunderstorms, local intense precipitation over Western and Central Bulgaria as the risk of hails..

22.05.24 18:40 |

Weather forecast: Temperatures begin to rise on Friday and Saturday, the rain stops

On Friday minimum temperatures in the country will range from 6° to 11° C., for Sofia 8° C. In the morning there will be fog in the Western part of the country. During the day there will be rain in isolated parts of the country, and in the afternoon..

16.05.24 18:05 |

Cloudy weather with showers on Monday

Monday will remain mostly cloudy. Rain will still fall in eastern Bulgaria before noon. In the afternoon there will be showers in places in western Bulgaria. Light to moderate winds will blow from the east-northeast.  Minimum temperatures will be..

12.05.24 18:15 |

Weather forecast: Sun and showers on Sunday

On Sunday the weather will be predominantly sunny. Cumulus rain clouds will form in the afternoon and in some parts there will be rain and hail. Minimum temperatures 7-12° C., for Sofia around 7° C.  Daytime highs will reach 18-23° C., for Sofia..

11.05.24 18:00 |

Roads turned into rivers as torrential rain hits Pleven and Kurdzhali

The mayor of Pleven Dr. Valentin Hristov called an urgent meeting of all law enforcement structures and structures in charge of cleaning the town to assess the damage inflicted after a severe rain and hailstorm in the town last night. Strong winds,..

09.05.24 09:14 |
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