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Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Monday, January 10

The weather on Sunday night will be cloudy. Rain is expected in Western Bulgaria. Light easterly and northeasterly winds are also in the forecast. The minimum temperatures will fluctuate between 1°C and 6°C, for Sofia- around 1°C. More rain is..

09.01.22 17:35 |

Weather forecast for 2 January: A cloudy but warm Sunday

In the next 24 hours there will be changeable clouds, significant during the morning but no precipitation is in the forecast. During the night there will be a light wind, in the Danubian plain and in the Western part of the country - moderate...

01.01.22 17:30 |

Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Friday, December 31

It will stop raining on Thursday night. The clouds will start to break. The minimum temperatures on Friday will fluctuate between 0°C and 5°C, for Sofia- around 2°C . It will be partly cloudy during the day, with sunny spells in many parts of..

30.12.21 18:25 |

Weather forecast for Thursday, December 30

During the night rainfalls will continue. In some places in the northwestern and northern regions of Bulgaria the rain will turn into snow. On Thursday the lowest temperatures will be between 0 °C and 5 °C, for Sofia around 0 °C...

29.12.21 19:45 |

Rainfall and snowfall expected in Bulgaria on Tuesday

It will be cloudy over the country on Tuesday. In many places snowfall is expected, in the eastern regions it will rain . In the afternoon the precipitation will decrease and by the evening in most areas it will stop. Moderate northwesterly wind is..

13.12.21 19:40 |

4 districts of Bulgaria affected by rainfall and overflowing rivers

The municipalities of Garmen, Simitli, Petrich and Blagoevgrad have declared a state of emergency due to torrential rains. There are no injured or distressed people, but the damage is huge. The mayor of Garmen has requested urgent state aid because the..

13.12.21 09:29 |

Weather forecast for Thursday, 9 December

Thursday will begin with minimum temperatures of 9° C. below zero in some parts of Western Bulgaria, and up to 4° C. on the Black Sea coast. During the day there will be sun. In some parts of the Upper Thracian Plain there will be fog. Clouds will..

08.12.21 19:40 |

Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Precipitation is in the weather forecast for most parts of Bulgaria on Tuesday. Moderate to strong northwesterly winds will bring cold air over the country. Snow is expected in the high fields of Western Bulgaria and the Pre-Balkans. The snow cover..

06.12.21 19:35 |

Weather forecast for Monday, 6 December

On Monday there will be clouds over the country and fog in the valleys. The clouds will temporarily disperse over Eastern Bulgaria as the day progresses. In the Western and Southern parts of the country there will be light rain. Minimum..

05.12.21 18:30 |

Weather forecast for Friday, 3 December

During the night there will be considerable clouds over the Western half of the country, and clear skies over the Eastern half. Minimum temperatures zero - 5° C., reaching 8° C. in places in Eastern Bulgaria where there will be a moderate wind from..

02.12.21 19:45 |
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