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Daniel Popov (R) and Angel Bashkehayov

Bulgarian crew wins car rally in Serbia

The Bulgarian crew – Daniel Popov and Angel Bashkehayov with Peugeot 208 Rally 4 won the Borsko-Branicevski rally in Serbia. Popov-Bashkehayov won a clear victory as the fastest crew in all 12 stages of the race. The two reached the finish..

16.08.21 15:28 |

Severe crash temporarily halts Rally Sliven

Turkish driver Ugur Soylu was badly injured in a crash during Rally Sliven, he has cerebral edema and a broken vertebra. His navigator Aras Dincer is unhurt. The car with the Turkish crew veered off track across uneven terrain at high..

12.06.21 15:49 |

Citizens hold car protest rally in central Sofia against Borissov's cabinet

Citizens dissatisfied with the government of Boyko Borissov and Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev held a car protest rally in Sofia. It started from the building of the Bulgarian National Bank and reached the exit of Sofia to the Trakia Motorway near Vrana..

04.12.20 19:22 |

Centre of Sofia remains blocked for hours by protesters

Thousands of citizens gathered last night in a street protest, demanding the resignations of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev.   Two protests took place in front of the building of the Council of Ministers downtown Sofia..

11.07.20 09:54 |

Today marks 30 years since the biggest political rally in Bulgaria

On 7 June 30 years ago, one million people gathered at an election rally on Eagles' Bridge in Sofia. They filled the space around the bridge and much of what was then Lenin Boulevard, now Tsarogradsko Shose, the streets nearby, Borisova Gradina..

07.06.20 11:19 |

Most popular rally competitions in Bulgaria

Motor sports have always been popular in Bulgaria and historical data show that the first competitions in this country took place before the 1920s. With the spread of cars during the 50s, motor sports started to develop fast in Bulgaria. In 1959 the first..

05.10.12 12:38 |
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