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Nine in 10 Bulgarians own real estate

Almost a quarter of a million real estate purchase and sale transactions were made in Bulgaria during the past year. Real estate agents have registered an increase in the number of Bulgarians investing in property abroad, with 10,000..

10.06.23 16:52 |

National Revenue Agency with inspections of Bulgarians with property in Dubai

There are around 200 Bulgarian citizens who own real estate in Dubai, National Revenue Agency Director General Boris Mihaylov told public service TV BNT, and added that inspections were ongoing to determine whether they have any unpaid taxes. 23..

22.03.23 19:40 |

More and more Ukrainians buy homes in Bulgaria

The war in Ukraine and the refugee wave to Bulgaria have had an impact on the housing market , which was previously stagnant due to the pandemic.  Rental prices in the country have increased by around 30-40% . This is what Maria Parova, manager of a..

28.02.23 14:31 |

Experts expect a more balanced real estate market in 2023

Expectations of experts for 2023 are for a more balanced real estate market, the chairman of the National Real Estate Association, Dobromir Ganev, has told the BNR. According to him, in recent years there has been an overlap of..

03.01.23 17:12 |

The rise in interest rates and the real estate market shrinkage will not affect real estate prices

There is a slight shrinking of the real estate market in the country during the third quarter of the year. According to latest expert data, despite the expected increase in interest rates and in inflation, housing prices are still going up because..

04.11.22 16:34 |

Housing prices in Bulgaria rose by 14.6% for one year

Housing prices in Bulgaria continued to rise in the second quarter of 2022, according to the National Statistical Institute.  Compared to the same period in 2021, real estate prices in the country have increased by an average of 14.6%, which is the..

23.09.22 14:54 |

Soaring inflation calls into question peoples’ attitudes to saving

Currently, we are in a period of global economic transformation. New businesses are emerging. Some businesses are changing and Bulgaria is no exception, financial experts contend. In their view, people should continue to save money. However,..

18.01.22 13:23 |

Real estate prices in Bulgaria continue upward trend

Real estate agents warn that the rates at which real estate prices are going up in Bulgaria are outpacing the rise in household incomes, and that this could result in an inability to pay off credits. Last year the prices of real estate..

08.01.22 16:51 |

Housing market in Bulgaria sees deals with real estate stagnant for years

Properties that have been "stagnant" on the Bulgarian real estate market for 8-10 years due to high prices demanded by the owners are now subject to transactions. Housing prices continue to rise, and the segment of houses near major cities remains..

05.10.21 17:46 |

Real estate market on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast heats up

80% of the purchasers of holiday properties along Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast are Bulgarian nationals, indicate data of experts from a large construction and investment company. “The travel restrictions stemming from the coronavirus pandemic and the..

09.08.21 14:14 |
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