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Radostin Vasilev

MP Radostin Vasilev charged with attempted coercion

The prosecutor's office has brought charges against MP Radostin Vasilev, accusing him of trying to force former MP Hristinka Ivanova to leave the parliamentary group of ITN (There is Such a People) and the parliament.  The information about the..

05.06.23 15:25 |
Radostin Vasilev

Radostin Vasilev shows remarks from alleged political haggling over the formation of a cabinet

Radostin Vasilev, MP from We Continue the Change (PP) announced he was leaving the party over the negotiations for a coalition with GERB. “It’s a total lie that recordings were made of the groups, at the headquarters,” Vasilev stated at a press..

26.05.23 13:13 |

Piano duo Genova & Dimitrov

The piano duo Aglika Genova and Liuben Dimitrov (Genova & Dimitrov) who are also partners in life celebrated a quarter of a century on stage. Known all over the world for their concert, teaching and recording activities, they seem to..

30.03.21 13:54 |

Todor Todorov – the living encyclopedia of Bulgarian folklore

Among Bulgaria’s folklore musicians Todor Todorov is a true legend. For his knowledge of Bulgarian folklore, especially the performers, he is respected by the most thorough of researchers. And he learnt it all by himself – from recordings and..

11.10.20 06:00 |

Prosecutor's office investigates recordings with Prime Minister Boyko Borissov

Due to numerous inquiries from the media and the high public interest, the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office has announced that it has started investigation and has appointed expertise analysis of the photos and audio and video recordings published on..

03.08.20 13:16 |
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