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Bulgaria to receive first transfer under Recovery and Resilience Plan in the autumn

Bulgaria has signed an agreement on operational arrangements with the European Commission. This is the last necessary agreement under the Recovery and Resilience Plan before the country can submit an official request to receive funds under the..

01.08.22 18:15 |
Ukrainian forces firing at the advancing Russian troops in the environs of Lysychansk, 3 July, 2022

After taking control of Lysychansk, Russian army advances in Donetsk

The Ukrainian army announced it had withdrawn the last of its forces from Lysychansk to avoid being encircled. Unfortunately, steel will and patriotism are not enough for success — material and technical resources are needed, the Ukrainian command..

04.07.22 08:47 |

Bulgaria reports progress in work on recovery plan

The European Commission have given high assessment to the constructive co-operation with the government of PM Kiril Petkov and reported good progress in Bulgaria's Recovery and Resilience Plan, according to the press service of the..

19.03.22 13:05 |

Bulgaria starts work on implementation of its Recovery Plan on March 15

The technical approval of the Recovery and Resillience Plan is expected on March 15, after which the assignment of projects can begin, Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Assen Vassilev said. He confirmed that according to the document, only..

10.03.22 17:44 |
Arianna Podestà

EC extends deadline for evaluating Bulgaria's Recovery Plan

The European Commission has reached an agreement with Bulgaria to extend the deadline for evaluation of its Recovery and Resilience Plan by another 2 months. This was announced by the spokesperson of the European Commission..

10.12.21 14:54 |
Atanas Pekanov

EC identifies gaps in energy sphere and the rule of law in Bulgaria’s Resilience Plan

Deputy Prime Minister responsible for European Funds Management Atanas Pekanov has confirmed that the EC has 43 remarks on Bulgaria's Recovery and Resilience Plan. Two of them are serious and they are related to the sphere of energy and the rule of..

09.12.21 19:20 |
PM Stefan Yanev

Bulgaria sends Recovery Plan to Brussels in mid-October

Bulgaria would send the Plan for Recovery and Sustainability to Brussels by October 15, caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev said after participation in the "Thracian Memory" event in Madzharovo. A few days ago, Deputy Prime..

02.10.21 14:18 |

Bulgarian recovery and sustainability plan published for discussion

The revised Plan for Recovery and Sustainability of Bulgaria has already been published for public discussion, Deputy Prime Minister Atanas Pekanov said. In the new version of the Plan,  more funds for education, healthcare and the social..

20.07.21 19:46 |

Recovery and sustainability plan to be ready by end of July

In an interview with BNR, Bulgarian caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev expressed hope that by the end of the next week the outline of the National Recovery Plan would be presented in Brussels, after which a public discussion would take place...

04.07.21 17:46 |
(L to R) Finance Minister Assen Vassilev, Galab Donev and Kiril Petkov

Government revives economy with quick loans state guarantees

“A gradual transition is apparent in the country - from a closing of the economy to a revival and recovery. This is confirmed also by the level of unemployment, which as of 2 June stood at 5.65%, a drop of 37% compared to a year earlier,” Minister of..

04.06.21 12:43 |

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