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(L to R) Finance Minister Assen Vassilev, Galab Donev and Kiril Petkov

Government revives economy with quick loans state guarantees

“A gradual transition is apparent in the country - from a closing of the economy to a revival and recovery. This is confirmed also by the level of unemployment, which as of 2 June stood at 5.65%, a drop of 37% compared to a year earlier,” Minister of..

04.06.21 12:43 |

Bulgaria can receive 13% of EU financing for recovery in 2021

The Recovery Plan is still a draft, EU Deputy Prime Minister Atanas Pekanov has told bTV. This year he expects the country to receive up to 13% of financing under the plan. "We have started the process of negotiations and coordination between..

26.05.21 11:46 |

Caretaker cabinet trying to save Recovery and Sustainability Plan

The Recovery and Sustainability Plan does not sufficiently meet the ambitious goals of the European Commission, Atanas Pekanov, Deputy Prime Minister responsible for European funds management, has told BNR. He said that the..

23.05.21 11:42 |

Recovery plan could be presented until 2022

EU Member States will be able to present their national recovery plans in Brussels by 2022. The postponement was announced a few days ago, outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev said. The Bulgarian plan is expected to be..

27.04.21 17:34 |

Mistake has allowed citizens to edit National Recovery Plan

A serious mistake with the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan, which was due to be presented in plenary hall last week, allowed dozens of Bulgarians to access the document's files and edit them. When uploading the..

19.04.21 18:36 |

The risks to the Bulgarian economy remain for 2021

Bulgaria's negative GDP of -3.9% in 2020 and the expected growth of 4% for the first quarter of 2021 show that the economic recovery is close. But there are challenges that could bring back the recession. Such are the lack of private consumption and..

23.03.21 17:26 |

Bulgaria expects to receive first EU recovery aid in mid-2021

Bulgaria will receive 29 billion euros from the EU to deal with the consequences of the pandemic. "This is BGN 60 billion that will come to the country in the coming years, of which BGN 50 billion are grants ," said Bulgaria's Prime Minister Borissov...

11.02.21 17:26 |

EC: Slow recovery of Bulgarian economy in 2021

Bulgaria's economy is expected to grow this year by 2.7% of GDP after a decline of 4.9% of GDP in the first year of the pandemic, while in 2022 the pace will reach 4.9% of GDP, which is one of the highest in the EU. However, the..

11.02.21 12:50 |

National Recovery and Sustainability Plan has been updated

Bulgaria is ready with the second improved version of the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan, which will be present ed to the European Commission , Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev said at a webinar on..

12.01.21 14:39 |

Discussion to be held on Green Bulgaria from national Recovery and Sustainability Plan

Discussion on the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan of Bulgaria will be held on December 4th, the government's press office has reported. The second pillar of the Plan - "Green Bulgaria" will be the main topic as the discussion will focus on the..

04.12.20 06:15 |
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