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Tsvetan Tsvetkov

Credit files of the bankrupt Corporate Commercial Bank are missing

The National Audit Office published the audit report for the bankrupt Corporate Commercial Bank, which was made in 2022. Credit files of the bankrupt bank providing information on who took loans and in what amount, how they were obtained and secured,..

09.08.23 18:26 |

US State Department report on the investment climate in Bulgaria in 2023

“Bulgaria is seen by some investors as an attractive low-cost investment destination, with government incentives for new investment. The country offers some of the least expensive labor in the European Union (EU) and low and flat corporate and..

28.07.23 13:57 |

Out of all European countries, the war in Ukraine has affected Bulgaria most: State Intelligence Agency report

To attain its goals in the European countries, Russia has continued to use a vast array of hybrid tools. This is one of the principal conclusions in the 2022 annual report by the State Intelligence Agency (SIA). The report emphasizes that out of..

11.07.23 08:40 |

The war could spread outside the territory of Ukraine, State Agency for National Security report warns

The military activities in Ukraine have the potential of spreading outside the territory of the country , reads a report by the State Agency for National Security (SANS), posted on the website of the Council of Ministers. The use of mass destruction..

10.07.23 14:03 |
Vera Jourova

EC: Bulgaria is struggling with fight against corruption

Bulgaria still has no progress on improving the effectiveness of investigation and a robust track-record of prosecution and final convictions in high-level cases of corruption including through the institutional reform of the Anti-Corruption Commission..

05.07.23 18:12 |
Galab Donev

Caretaker cabinet presents report and says it ruled for 'exhausting 10 months'

We have returned the decision-making center where it belongs - in Bulgaria, Prime Minister Galab Donev said at an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers, at which the caretaker cabinet presented a report on its work since..

05.06.23 11:39 |

US State Department report: Bulgaria's fight against corruption "insufficient"

In its annual 2022 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices , released Monday, the US State Department  says that the Bulgarian government's actions to tackle corruption and disregard for human rights are "insufficient".  "Authorities took steps to..

20.03.23 21:37 |

EC gives more optimistic economic forecast for Bulgaria

In its winter economic forecast, the European Commission gives a better economic outlook for Bulgaria than it did in its autumn report. Overall, real GDP is estimated to have increased by 3.9% in 2022, instead of the expected 3.1%. In 2023, real..

13.02.23 12:23 |

GRECO report shows justice system in Bulgaria is ineffective

Justice in Bulgaria is ineffective and the media is dependent - these are some of the conclusions in the report of the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO), which is the Council of Europe anti-corruption body. The impunity of..

19.01.23 14:54 |

Caretaker cabinet prepares report on its work as MPs expect forming regular government

While politicians are excited about the third mandate for forming a government, people are worried about flu viruses, caretaker Prime Minister Galab Donev said before the start of the cabinet meeting. According to him, during the..

11.01.23 11:17 |
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