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Borislav Mihailov announces his resignation as head of BFU, 27 November 2023, in Sofia.

Bulgarian football union chief resigns after fan and police violence

The president of the Bulgarian Football Union (BFU), Borislav Mihailov, has resigned. The move follows riots by football fans outside the Vasil Levski National Stadium during the Bulgaria-Hungary match on 16 November. Two cases of police violence..

27.11.23 15:52 |
The police protest in front of parliament building

Police protest against politicization of clashes during protest by football fans

Hundreds of police officers came out to protest, in their words spontaneously, in front of parliament building, demanding an end to the politicization of the events from 16 November, when football fans organized a protest against the Bulgarian..

22.11.23 17:14 |
Kiril Vatev

Farmers threaten protest, demand minister's resignation

Five sectoral agricultural organisations have demanded immediate payment of subsidies intended to offset the negative effects of imports of agricultural products from Ukraine, informs BNR reporter Veselina Milanova. The angry farmers said that they..

21.11.23 14:15 |

President Radev defends head of SANS

President Rumen Radev has defended the head of the State Agency for National Security (SANS), Plamen Tonchev, whose dismissal ahead of the second round of local elections was demanded by Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov after a SANS report led to the..

06.11.23 11:16 |

Vazrazhdane supporters demand for the resignation of the government

Supporters of the Vazrazhdane party came out in protest in front of the parliament building and the Council of Ministers to demand the resignation of the government. The protest was announced as a national, and people started gathering shortly before 12..

21.09.23 17:17 |
Petar Todorov

President Radev approves the resignation of the Interior Ministry's Secretary General

President Rumen Radev has approved the resignation of Interior Ministry Secretary General Petar Todorov , who resigned from his post on August 30.  Interior Ministry Secretery General Petar Todorov resigns Todorov himself told the media that his..

01.09.23 17:56 |
Petar Todorov

Interior Ministry Secretery General Petar Todorov resigns

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior Petar Todorov told BNR that he is resigning from his post. According to him, the impossibility to work in the current situation is among the reasons for his resignation. The country’s Minister of..

30.08.23 17:31 |

Protest demands the resignation of Bulgaria's President Radev

A protest was held in front of the Presidency demanding the impeachment of President Rumen Radev on the grounds that he is dividing the nation. "There are enough reasons to demand the resignation of the President. The most recent is the claim that..

20.07.23 09:16 |
Freeze frame from Ivan Geshev's video address

Ivan Geshev resigns as prosecutor

In a video address, posted on Facebook, the now former Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev announced he was withdrawing as prosecutor. Supreme Judicial Council has dismissed Ivan Geshev from position of Prosecutor General Bulgarian Judges..

19.06.23 12:09 |
Ivan Geshev

Prosecutor General requires hearing in Parliament regarding high-level corruption

Bulgaria’s Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev has sent a letter to the President of the 49th National Assembly Rosen Zhelyazkov with a request to be heard by the MPs in connection with specific pre-trial proceedings related to high-level corruption and..

09.06.23 16:25 |
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