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One more day of protest demanding resignation of Health Minister Stoycho Katsarov

Doctors and patients from Pirogov emergency hospital are once again organizing a protest in support of hospital director Prof. Asen Baltov who was dismissed from the post. They blocked off a Sofia boulevard and demanded the resignation of interim..

19.07.21 16:38 |

Protest demands punishment for death of teenager in Sofia

People from Sofia’s residential quarter Fakulteta organized a protest demanding the resignation of Sofia mayor Yordanka Fandakova. They temporarily blocked traffic along Suhodolska Street in Fakulteta, as well as the Sofia-Gorna Banya railway line...

18.02.21 19:27 |
Triaditsa district mayor Dimitar Bozhilov at a press conference on the tragic incident

One resignation after death of boy by electric shock on Sofia boulevard

Ivah Shishkov, chief architect of Sofia’s Triaditsa district is resigning over the tragic incident , in which a 16-year old boy was killed by electric shock while waiting at the traffic lights on Ivan Geshov Boulevard in Sofia a few days ago...

18.02.21 16:36 |

Political 2020: Protests and loss of confidence in political parties

Amidst the pandemic and its impact at all levels in this country, 2020 will be remembered for the widespread popular protests against the government. Having been triggered by, among other events, a specialized operation by the prosecutor’s..

23.12.20 15:03 |
Narodno Subranie square

Nationwide antigovernment protest mottoed “Together we shall be victorious””, tonight

A national protest rally mottoed “Together we shall be victorious” is scheduled for 5 PM today, 21 November in Narodno Subranie square in front of the historical building of the National Assembly, the organizers have announced. “The reasons..

21.11.20 06:05 |
Protest of students in front of Sofia University (photo is from previous protests)

University students in Sofia go on protest again

Students from several Sofia-based universities and the System Kills Us movement of mothers of children with disabilities have blocked the major road intersection in front of the main building of Sofia University in central Sofia. They demand the..

05.11.20 20:06 |

Citizens gather in anti-government protest for 114th evening in central Sofia

Citizens have gathered in protest for the 114th evening in central Sofia at Independence square in central Sofia. They call for resignation of the government and the chief prosecutor as well as for early parliamentary elections.

30.10.20 19:45 |
Director General of BNR Andon Baltakov

Bulgarian National Radio director Andon Baltakov withdraws resignation

The Director General of the Bulgarian National Radio, Andon Baltakov, has announced that he will withdraw his resignation, deposited with the Electronic Media Council. This happened earlier today at a general meeting of all employees of the media which..

30.10.20 16:26 |
Andon Baltakov

Bulgarian National Radio Director-General submits resignation

The Director-General of the Bulgarian National Radio Andon Baltakov has submitted, to the Council for Electronic Media, a request for the early termination of his contract. The Council has expressed the hope that he will reconsider his decision to..

21.10.20 18:51 |

Anti-government protests in Bulgaria continue for 105th day

A protest is planned for this evening at 6 pm in front of the Court House in Sofia, organized by the "Justice for Everyone" initiative. The demonstration under the slogan "Justice Without a Cap" is for the resignation of Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev aka..

21.10.20 09:27 |
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