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Ivan Geshev

We Continue the Change calls for the resignation of the Prosecutor General 

With a statement read in Parliament, "We Continue the Change" urged Bulgarian chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev to resign because he did not meet the moral standards for the position. The party supports the arguments presented by Justice Minister Nadezhda..

08.07.22 15:27 |
Nikola Minchev

BG MPs to vote on the resignation of the Speaker of the National Assembly

A demand for the resignation of Nikola Minchev as President of the National Assembly was submitted by There is Such a People, MRF, GERB and Vazrazhdane, t he four parties' motivation being a "flagrant violation" of parliamentary rules and..

15.06.22 16:55 |

All ministers of There is Such a People party have submited resignations

Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska and Energy Minister Alexander Nikolov submitted their resignations after the party that elected them, There is Such a People party, announced that it was leaving the government. Both ministers will remain in..

13.06.22 13:08 |
Ekaterina Dafovska

Ekaterina Dafovska resigned as head of the Bulgarian Biathlon Federation

Bulgarian Olympic champion Ekaterina Dafovska has resigned as President of the Bulgarian Biathlon Federation due to health problems . At its next meeting on 11 May 2022 the Board will set a date for a General Assembly to elect the new President of..

27.04.22 13:57 |

President Rumen Radev: Replacing the Defense Minister in the midst of a military crisis in the region is a risk

"Replacing the defense minister while there is a military crisis in the neighborhood is a risk", Bulgarian president Rumen Radev said, clarifying his position after Prime Minister Kiryl Petkov asked for the resignation of Defense Minister Stefan..

28.02.22 16:59 |
Даниел Лорер

Minister Daniel Lorer: The worst aggression against a European country since World War II is nothing but war  

Bulgarian Minister of Innovation and Growth Daniel Lorer assured that there was no danger of political crisis in the country after Prime Minister Kiril Petkov had asked for the resignation of Defense Minister Stefan Yanev.   "The greatest..

28.02.22 15:22 |
Sotir Tsatsarov

Bulgarian Parliaments accepts resignation of anti-corruption commission chairman

MPs have unanimously accepted the resignation of the chairman of the anti-corruption commission Sotir Tsatsarov, as of March 1. The decision was taken by 197 votes in favour to none "against" and no abstentions. Tsatsarov resigned in mid-January..

02.02.22 18:40 |
Kornelia Ninova at the BSP congress

Kornelia Ninova remains at the head of the BSP after party congress rejects her resignation

Addressing the highest party forum – its congress – the leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, Kornelia Ninova confirmed her resignation from the post which she submitted over the “disastrous election loss”, but the delegates rejected her..

22.01.22 17:43 |
Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev

We Continue the Change demand the resignation of Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev

Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev must resign and take responsibility for his actions , the parliamentary group of the ruling We Continue the Change party stated in a declaration read out in plenary, citing as motives the fact there are no..

14.01.22 12:12 |
Sotir Tsatsarov

Chairman of Anti-Corruption Commission Sotir Tsatsarov resigns

Sotir Tsatsarov, chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission, the Commission for Counteracting Corruption and Illegal Assets Forfeiture, is resigning before the expiry of his term of office.   According to information obtained by the BNR,..

13.01.22 17:53 |

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