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2 in 1 combination: Protests and preparation for elections

The protests in Bulgaria and abroad demanding the resignation of this country’s cabinet headed by Boyko Borissov and of Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev continue. Some people see the beginning of election rhetoric against the backdrop on ongoing..

11.08.20 13:07 |

The voices of the anti-government protests in Sofia

30 years ago Bulgarians flooded city streets and squares to demand a re-founding of their country which, at the time, had to break with totalitarianism. Now, people from all over Bulgaria are again in the streets protesting for..

30.07.20 12:02 |

Nationwide protest called in Sofia today

On this 21 st day of anti-government demonstrations a nationwide protest rally has been called in Sofia. Almost 12,000 people have reacted to the call on Facebook “Use your voice to shatter the deafness of those in power!” The protest is set for..

29.07.20 11:42 |

61 percent of Bulgarians approve of the three ministerial resignations: Alpha Research

61 percent of respondents say they approve of the three ministerial resignations in the Borissov 3 cabinet, indicates an express survey conducted by Alpha Research, commissioned by Bulgarian National TV. The act of assuming political..

03.09.18 12:33 |
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