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Фили Ладжман

Bulgarians living abroad voted for a system reboot

Radio Bulgaria conducted a vox pop with Bulgarians voting abroad, and asked them what kind of Bulgaria they expect to see after the elections for parliament on 4 April. ​Filli Ladgman has lived in Melbourne, Australia for..

05.04.21 12:07 |

Bulgaria stands chance of recovering from Covid-19 crisis with the help of EU and budgetary funding

Bulgaria retains the chance to avoid downward spiral in the current Covid-19 crisis thanks to the help of the anti-crisis measures and the emergency capital injections in its health and financial system.   This country can revive its..

10.11.20 15:59 |

PM Boyko Borissov: Time for a restart of the state

The time has come for responsibility and resolution. A time not just for change of the political system, a time for a restart of the country,” said Prime Minister Boyko Borissov in an address, on social media, to the citizens of Bulgaria. In it..

14.08.20 13:58 |
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