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Bulgarian junior team wins gold and silver at rhythmic gymnastics tournament

Bulgaria’s junior rhythmic gymnastics group won a gold and a silver medal in the individual apparatus at the Sofia Cup international tournament, BGNES  reports.   They earned titles in the five ribbons, the silver went to Israel, the Polish team..

06.04.21 15:18 |

Bulgaria's team wins the gold at five balls, hoops and clubs routine at Sofia World Cup

Bulgaria's team has won the group five balls gold medal and also the gold medal at the three hoops and four clubs at the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup held in Sofia. The Bulgarian gymnasts won the highest score for their combination.  Next in..

28.03.21 17:29 |
Boryana Kaleyn

Boryana Kaleyn takes 3 golds with flawless hoop, ball, clubs routines at Sofia World Cup

Bulgaria's individual rhythmic gymnast Boryana Kaleyn won the champion's title in the hoops, ribbon and clubs routine at the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup held in Sofia between 26 to 28 March . She performed her routines flawlessly and reached the first..

28.03.21 15:52 |
Boryana Kaleyn

Bulgaria's Boryana Kaleyn wins silver medal in individual all-around at Sofia World Cup

Bulgarian individual rhythmic gymnast Boryana Kaleyn has won the first silver medal in her career in an individual all-around at the World Rhythmic Gymnastics cup currently taking place in Bulgaria's capital Sofia. For her four routines in the two..

28.03.21 13:03 |

Bulgaria wins gold in group all-around at World Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup in Sofia

The Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics group won the group all-around title at the World Cup in Sofia. The team consisting of Simona Dyankova, Madlen Radukanova, Laura Traets, Stefani Kiryakova and Erika Zafirova finished the competition in the all-around..

28.03.21 11:57 |

The fabulous rhythmic gymnastics leotards of Bulgarian designer Nevena Bratanova

Bold, colourful, extravagant, perfectly complementing the exceptional routines of the Bulgarian rhythmic gymnasts – such are the leotards with which the Bulgarian girls proudly go out on the floor and climb the winners’ podium. We..

28.03.21 09:35 |
Boryana Kaleyn

Bulgaria wins 12 medals at Moscow Rhythmic Gymnastics tournament

The Bulgarian gymnasts won 12 medals - 1 gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze in the first tournament of the year in the Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix, which took place in the Russian capital Moscow. The gold medal was won by Boryana Kaleyn from the..

22.02.21 10:57 |

Gold, silver and bronze for Bulgarian rhythmic gymnasts from contest in Ukraine

Bulgarian rhythmic gymnasts won three medals from the finals in the individual routines for the girls' category at the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship, which is being held in Kyiv (Ukraine). The Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation..

28.11.20 17:21 |

International rhythmic gymnastics tournament kicks off in Bulgaria's Burgas

The international rhythmic gymnastics tournament for the Julieta Shishmanova prize kicks off today in Bulgaria's Burgas . It will take place in two stages, over two consecutive days, on 14 and 15 November.  On the first day, 52 Bulgarian gymnasts..

14.11.20 06:45 |
Morinari Watanabe, President of FIG

Bulgaria offers its ideas for evaluation in rhythmic gymnastics

The Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation has proposed to the International Federation that the assessment of artistry be added to the assessment of the routines. The proposal is in response to a letter from the president of the International..

30.06.20 14:26 |
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