Festive bread, daily bread…

On Christmas Eve lean dishes and ritual bread with a coin are served and on Christmas - meat dishes predominate. Even in the times of food deliveries and fast food, preparation for the holiday table remain an integral part of the festive spirit...

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Prosphora seal sanctifies bread and make it part of Holy Liturgy

Bread is an extremely important element in Bulgarian traditional culture. That is why there are a number of rituals and sacraments associated with its preparation. In order for the bread to acquire the status of a festive bread and..

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Обреден хляб за Игнажден

Ritual bread-making from Day of St. Ignatius until Christmas

“A new day, a new year,” Bulgarian people used to say on Ignazhden (Day of St. Ignatius of Antioch, marked on December 20). According to folk beliefs, it is on this day when the “young year starts.” The man who first enters one’s home on..

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