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Bobov Dol TPP

Greenpeace warns of serious pollution from Bulgaria's Bobov Dol coal-fired power plant

The Bobov Dol coal-fired thermal power plant in southwestern Bulgaria is causing serious damage to the environment . This is written in the conclusions in the report "The Dirty Legacy of Coal", prepared by Greenpeace - Bulgaria, the non-governmental..

04.03.21 17:24 |

Measures against Covid-19 cannot stop Epiphany ice horo dance in Kalofer

In the town of Kalofer, t he traditional men's horo dance  in the Tundzha River on Epiphany was held once again despite the anti-epidemic measures. Led by a bagpiper and a drummer, men in traditional folk costumes went to the..

06.01.21 11:47 |
The Danube

Level of the Danube along Bulgarian bank is nearly critical

A high water wave passing through the Bulgarian section of the Danube has prompted the start of monitoring of dikes and coastal facilities. So far, there is no danger of flooding, the Danube Research Agency reported. At low places of the Bulgarian..

11.06.19 15:04 |
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