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International experts establish flaws in the road section where the bus crash occurred on Struma motorway

An expert inspection of road conditions before the road accident on Struma motorway occured , conducted by an international auditor, has established that the assembly of the roadside safety crash barriers does not meet requirements...

02.12.21 11:05 |

Heavy road accident blocks Sofia-Varna main road

A heavy road accident blocked the Sofia-Varna main road near the village of Ledenik, Veliko Tarnovo district, due to a collision between a cardo vehicle and a tank truck carrying fuel.  The driver of the tank truck, which exploded into flames, died..

04.11.21 18:32 |

Intense traffic expected today at end of 5-day-long Easter break

About half a million vehicles left the capital Sofia over the long Easter break which started on April 30 (Friday) . Today, in the last non-working day, increased traffic is expected on the Thrace highway in the direction of Sofia. The police recommend..

04.05.21 10:23 |

Workers from Balkan Stream gas pipeline construction site involved in severe road accident

A head-on collision between a lorry and a minibus closed the Montana-Vidin road this morning. The minibus was transporting workers from the Balkan Stream gas pipeline construction site. The driver of the minibus and a passenger, both Ukranian..

23.10.20 12:36 |

Six foreign nationals injured in road accident near Bregovo border crossing

Six foreign nationals were injured last night in a road accident between the city of Vidin and Bregovo border checkpoint. A mini bus with Hungarian registration plates left the road and stopped in the nearby field. Six foreign passengers- four..

19.08.20 12:27 |

Heavy road accident closes Trakia motorway

Heavy road accident has closed on Sunday night Trakia motorway towards Sofia. Cargo vehicle with Turkish registration plates travelling for Turkey broke the road centre barrier, entered the opposite lane and overturned. The TIR truck hit several..

13.07.20 09:40 |
Ivan Geshev

Prosecutor General is in favor of tougher penalties for road fatalities caused by drugged driving

Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev has proposed that the penalty for causing death on the road after using drugs and alcohol should be 15 to 20 years in prison or life imprisonment and confiscation of the motor vehicle. The proposal has been sent to the..

12.05.20 16:23 |

First conclusions regarding road accident near Svoge made public at briefing

An emergency meeting at the Council of Ministers, called by PM Boyko Borissov, discussed, with the participation of the ministers of health, of the interior, of transport and of regional development, as well as of the prosecutor general, the..

26.08.18 16:53 |

Ministries and prosecutor’s office call emergency meeting to discuss severe road accident which killed 16 and injured 18

Officials from several ministries, as well as the prosecutor’s office, are calling an emergency meeting at the Interior Ministry today to discuss the circumstances surrounding last night’s severe road accident near Svoge, in which 16 were killed and..

26.08.18 09:36 |

Six fatalities in severe road accident on Trakiya highway, update

Six were killed in a traffic accident this morning on the Trakiya highway, the Center for emergency medical aid has said. Twenty-two have been injured and have been taken to four hospitals in Sofia. Seven patients are in a critical..

13.04.18 17:43 |
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