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Protest at the pedestrian crossing of Gurko and Shishman street in Sofia, on September 8, 2023

National protest against road accidents will take place in Sofia

Relatives of victims of road accidents are organizing a national protest against the war on the Bulgarian roads this evening in Sofia.  The protesters will gather at 6:00 p.m. in front of the Presidency building and from there they will march..

10.09.23 09:45 |

15-year-old boy has been killed on a pedestrian crossing in Sofia

A 15-year-old boy has died after being hit by a car last night in Sofia, the Ministry of Interior said. The 37-year-old driver ran over and killed the child on a pedestrian crossing in the center of Sofia. The man who had over 2 permille alcohol in..

03.09.23 11:29 |

The young driver who hit and killed two in Sofia in May has been released from custody

18-year old driver Adrian Antonov whose car hit and killed 22-year old Yavor Stoyanov and 24-year old Anna-Maria Milcheva at an intersection in Sofia in May, was released from custody at the beginning of July, media in Bulgaria have reported...

30.08.23 14:09 |

The latest tragic road accident, resulting in two deaths, raises a number of unresolved problems

In the vicinity of Prilep village, near Burgas, a truck hit and killed a 6-year old boy, and a little later the 57-year old truck driver was lynched by the boy’s family, and was killed. The tragedy played out at around 3.30 PM on 28 August,..

29.08.23 11:04 |

What fuels the war on Bulgaria's roads?‎

Are the roads in Bulgaria safe and who is responsible for the alarming rise in ‎road traffic accidents?   If we look at the black statistics, since the beginning of ‎this year, 3,448 serious accidents have been registered in Bulgaria with 260 ‎victims..

20.07.23 14:04 |

Bulgarian government is introducing new measures to increase road safety

The Bulgarian government is launching a package of measures against road accidents that will be permanent, not campaign-based. This was stated by Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov at the beginning of the government meeting today. The measures include..

21.06.23 11:18 |

Minibus with illegal migrants crashes on Trakia Motorway, one dies

One illegal migrant has died in a road accident on Trakia Motorway near Chirpan. A minibus carrying 47 illegal migrants from Afghanistan had a flat tire and crashed.  There is an increased police presence on the scene. The law enforcement..

26.02.23 14:05 |

Bulgaria is among the countries with the highest number of road deaths in the EU

The most dangerous roads are in Romania and Bulgaria, the safest - in Sweden and Denmark. This is indicated by a report of the European Commission, transmitted from Brussels by BNR correspondent Angelina Piskova.  In Bulgaria, road traffic..

21.02.23 16:45 |
Bogdan Milchev, head of the Institute for Road Safety

Experts call for tougher penalties for traffic offenders

2,072 people have died on Bulgaria's roads since 2019 , it was announced at a forum in Sofia organized by the non-governmental organization Institute for Road Safety . " "More Bulgarians are dying on the roads than in a military conflict. I know..

24.11.22 19:10 |

French citizen dies in a serious accident in Sofia

A French citizen was killed and two of his companions were injured in a serious accident on the ring road in Sofia early this morning. A 62-year-old French woman is in intensive care with a life-threatening condition. The accident..

25.09.22 17:15 |
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