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European Commission: Bulgaria is third in road traffic deaths in the EU

Bulgaria is first in the EU in the percentage of reduced road deaths in 2020 compared to 2019 , according to the European Commission. The mortality on the Bulgarian roads in the indicated period has decreased by 26%.  If in 2019 the rate of deaths in..

20.04.21 17:01 |

Spring and autumn require more caution on the road

The decline in the number of road accidents in the first two months of 2021 is insignificant. According to statistics, there were 689 serious road accidents on Bulgarian territory. 50 people died and 858 were injured in road accidents. The..

19.04.21 15:07 |

Pandemic brings down number of road accidents

The number of road accidents is down by 24% during the first 6 months of the pandemic year – 2020 - compared to the same period of the last five years – 2015-2019, indicates a summary report on the traffic situation and road safety adopted by the..

06.01.21 15:29 |

Bulgaria has highest number of victims in passenger car accidents in EU

For the period of ten years from 2008 to 2018, the number of people killed in road accidents has decreased by 37 percent, the latest Eurostat data shows .  The number of road deaths per capita is lowest in Ireland and Denmark, and highest in Romania and..

02.07.20 12:08 |

Road death toll in Bulgaria remains high

In 2019, the road death toll in Bulgaria amounted to 628, which was 17 people more as compared to the previous year. Bulgaria will again top the negative EU ranking with 90 deaths in road traffic accidents per 1 million inhabitants. Last year, the..

05.03.20 11:36 |

PM Boyko Borissov calls meeting of heads of institutions engaged in investigating recent road accidents

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has called a meeting of the heads of all institutions engaged in investigating the road accidents in Bulgaria of the past few days , Chief Commissioner Hristo Terziyski, Director of the National Police General..

19.11.17 12:38 |

World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

Today is World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. This year the target is to reduce road fatalities and serious injuries by 50 percent.  Alexy Kesyakov from the National Public Advisory Road Safety Committee on the meaning of this day: “We..

19.11.17 10:47 |

Interior Minister and Chief Secretary inspect route between villages of Mikre and Sopot after deadly road accidents

Police patrols along the Sofia-Varna road on the territory of the region of Lovech will be doubled on weekends and on holidays after the three severe road accidents that took place there since Friday, claiming the lives of 11 and injuring 26, 4 of them..

19.11.17 07:25 |

Plovdiv tops the list of towns in number of road accidents with casualties in 2016

Plovdiv is top of the list of Bulgarian towns in the number of road accidents with casualties per capita of the population, Smolyan is bottom of the list, indicates an analysis for 2016 by the Union of Bulgarian Motorists. 1,049 major traffic..

11.07.17 17:13 |

Higher fines for moving violations as of New Year

Some 17 drunk drivers were registered only over a single weekend in Sofia, as breathalyzers marked 1.5 permille of blood alcohol content /BAC/ which pointed at no less than 500 g of concentrate. The other violation is speeding of over 100 km/h at a..

29.12.16 11:59 |
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