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Deaths on Bulgarian roads are result of institutional inaction

Bulgarians have been witnessing an escalation in the number of cases of offenders on the road with multiple violations, who get behind the wheel after using alcohol or narcotic substances, the Prosecutor's Office warned during a..

25.11.22 14:23 |
Ivan Demerdzhiev

Nine police heads to be replaced in Sofia, Plovdiv and Kyustendil

The heads of seven of the nine regional police stations in Sofia will be replaced , as well as the heads of the Regional Directorates of Interior in Plovdiv and Kyustendil . This was announced by the interim Minister of Interior Ivan Demerdzhiev...

24.10.22 15:28 |

Multiple offenders take human lives on the road but there are no convictions – why?

Road police in Bulgaria have been registering more and more traffic offences. And the results go far deeper than mere statistics – since the beginning of October alone 9 people have been killed on Bulgaria’s roads, and a total of 392 since the..

07.10.22 11:37 |
Caretaker PM Galab Donev

Caretaker PM: Do what is possible and what is impossible to address the “war” on the roads

“Every time I hear of a road accident that has, once again, taken human lives I am filled with anger because I believe that the “war” on the roads can be put an end to,” caretaker PM Galab Donev said during a national meeting of the Interior..

12.08.22 12:30 |

Number of road fatalities mark rise in 2021

There were 100 more victims of road accidents in Bulgaria in 2021 in comparison to 2020, according to traffic police as of January 1, 2022. Full data will be released in February. 6,069 serious accidents occurred by December..

03.01.22 10:52 |

Protests continue in Bulgaria's Aytos over a dangerous road section

For the third day, residents of Aytos, Burgas region, will go out in protest tonight because of the carelessness of the institutions and with a request to build a bypass road in the area, which will take the heavy traffic out of the town. Dozens of..

20.09.21 15:49 |

European Commission: Bulgaria is third in road traffic deaths in the EU

Bulgaria is first in the EU in the percentage of reduced road deaths in 2020 compared to 2019 , according to the European Commission. The mortality on the Bulgarian roads in the indicated period has decreased by 26%.  If in 2019 the rate of deaths in..

20.04.21 17:01 |

Spring and autumn require more caution on the road

The decline in the number of road accidents in the first two months of 2021 is insignificant. According to statistics, there were 689 serious road accidents on Bulgarian territory. 50 people died and 858 were injured in road accidents. The..

19.04.21 15:07 |

Pandemic brings down number of road accidents

The number of road accidents is down by 24% during the first 6 months of the pandemic year – 2020 - compared to the same period of the last five years – 2015-2019, indicates a summary report on the traffic situation and road safety adopted by the..

06.01.21 15:29 |

Bulgaria has highest number of victims in passenger car accidents in EU

For the period of ten years from 2008 to 2018, the number of people killed in road accidents has decreased by 37 percent, the latest Eurostat data shows .  The number of road deaths per capita is lowest in Ireland and Denmark, and highest in Romania and..

02.07.20 12:08 |
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