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Road construction and repair companies threaten to halt road maintenance

“Road construction companies are hoping, with the update of the budget, to receive EUR 1 billion due from the state for road repair and maintenance work they have performed. They will wait for the deadline on 30 June, the date by which parliament..

16.06.22 14:24 |

Appeals impede major road repairs in Bulgaria

All public procurement order s for major road repairs have been challenged. That is why we are losing hopes that we would be able to do major road repairs this year, Bulgaria’s Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Grozdan..

27.05.22 11:18 |
Protest by road construction companies, Sofia, 13 April, 2022

Road construction companies organize protest demanding payment on contracts performed

Protests by road construction companies blocked major roadways throughout the country.  In Sofia, traffic in front of parliament building and the Council of Ministers was temporarily blocked. The protesters chanted “Resign!” and “Pay us now!” as they..

13.04.22 11:52 |

Road industry companies in Bulgaria to launch national protests

The Bulgarian Branch Chamber "Roads" and the Bulgarian Branch Association "Road Safety" are starting today national protests throughout the country , including in front of the National Assembly in Sofia. Their protest comes after the National Assembly..

13.04.22 06:55 |
Kiril Petkov

Kiril Petkov: Road construction companies should immediately receive 50% of the money due for roadworks

“ We Continue the Change" proposes that road construction companies immediately receive half of the money due for roadworks ( EUR 306 million). They will receive the remaining ammount when the National Assembly committees approve an expert..

12.04.22 18:13 |

Third national protest of road construction companies, demand minister's resignation

Bulgaria's Regional Development Minister Violeta Komitova did not appear at the agreed meeting with the representatives of the protesting road construction companies. They described this as a mockery and demanded her resignation.  Eng. Georgi Zlatev..

08.10.21 12:20 |
Asparuhov Bridge in Varna

Employees of road construction companies block traffic at Asparuhov Bridge in Varna

A protest of road construction and road maintenance companies is being held in various places in the country due to the suspended payments by the state to them. In Varna, the protesters stopped the traffic on the Asparuhov Bridge, BNR correspondent..

29.09.21 16:26 |
Violeta Komitova

Regional Minister demands names of the protesting companies

The Minister of Regional Development Violeta Komitova has asked for the names of the companies protesting in the centre of Sofia to answer whether these companies have received their due payments. "We may have given money to the employers and they may..

10.09.21 14:09 |

Protest of road construction workers from all over the country blocks centre of Sofia

A large-scale protest of companies from the road construction industry from all over the country has blocked the centre of Sofia. Hundreds of workers from road construction and road maintenance companies are demanding payment of the accumulated state..

10.09.21 10:45 |

European Court of Auditors to audit construction of roads in Bulgaria financed with EU money

The European Court of Auditors announced that it would start inspecting the construction of roads in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Spain financed by the EU. The auditors will examine whether the European Commission’s actions and funding are..

07.05.19 10:41 |

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