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Appeals impede major road repairs in Bulgaria

All public procurement order s for major road repairs have been challenged. That is why we are losing hopes that we would be able to do major road repairs this year, Bulgaria’s Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Grozdan..

27.05.22 11:18 |
Road workers blocked roads in protests over unpaid 18.5m euros last week. The authorities were unable to pay for past road work due to a 2021 decision by a caretaker government and construction companies refused to do any work before they are paid.

Road Infrastructure Agency will pay half of the money owed to road builders

Bulgarian National Assembly authorised the Road Infrastructure Agency to pay from its budget 50% of the amounts it owes to road builders . The decision was taken with a majority vote supported by the parties in the government coalition...

20.04.22 15:40 |

Protest against halted road repairs of road leading to border with Romania

People from Kardam village organized a protest over the critical condition of the road section from the town of General Toshevo to the border with Romania at Kardam border checkpoint. The road was supposed to have been repaired by October, but the..

03.12.21 14:20 |

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