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European Commission: Bulgaria is third in road traffic deaths in the EU

Bulgaria is first in the EU in the percentage of reduced road deaths in 2020 compared to 2019 , according to the European Commission. The mortality on the Bulgarian roads in the indicated period has decreased by 26%.  If in 2019 the rate of deaths in..

20.04.21 17:01 |

Traffic Police to be able to seize driving licenses by issuing tickets: proposal

Bulgaria ’s Traffic Police will be able to impose financial sanctions, non-financial sanctions, seize driving licenses and withdraw control points by issuing tickets, the new proposals for amendments to the Road Traffic Act, published for public..

22.05.20 18:47 |

Intense road traffic expected in Bulgaria before the long weekend

Intense road traffic is expected in Bulgaria in the last working day of the week. The Bulgarian Police will check drivers at the checkpoints in Sofia and the other district cities. The law enforcement authorities will collect declarations at the..

30.04.20 07:43 |

Specialized week-long speed enforcement operation in EU and Bulgaria starts today

A specialized speed enforcement operation is taking place in Bulgaria, April 1-7. The operation is being carried out by the European Traffic Police Network, TISPOL across the whole of Europe. The aim of the Europe-wide coordinated operation is..

01.04.19 10:11 |
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