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Road construction companies call for resignation of Minister of Regional Development

Heavy trucks of road construction companies blocked traffic downtown Sofia on Monday. Protesters of the Bulgarian Branch Chamber "Roads" demand that they received their remuneration for the repairs done. They also want the..

11.10.21 18:25 |

Bulgarian Road Safety Institute: Trakia Highway is in critical condition

The Trakia Highway connecting Sofia and Burgas is in critical condition and should be closed for traffic because of violated safety requirements. This is what Bogdan Milchev of the Road Safety Institute (an independent non-governmental experts’..

30.09.21 18:37 |

Road industry stay ready for protests

A working group will try to solve the problems of road companies. This has been decided at a meeting in the Council of Ministers with the leadership of the Bulgarian Branch Chamber "Roads". Prime Minister Stefan Yanev has ordered..

17.09.21 13:38 |

Road construction workers block roads in the country in protest over unpaid wages

Workers in the Black Sea Motorways have organized a protest in the centre of Sofia over unpaid 18.5m euros and blocked traffic in front of the Council of Ministers. They are dissatisfied that they have not received salaries for almost 4 months. Payments..

13.08.21 13:14 |

Roads in northern Bulgaria blocked by heavy snow

An orange code alert for heavy snowfall has been issued for 8 districts of Northern Bulgaria by Bulgarian authorities. The eight districts are Montana, Vratsa, Lovech, Gabrovo, Veliko Tаrnovo, Turgovishte, Razgrad and Shumen. 501 snow removal..

22.03.21 12:45 |

Bulgaria calls on EU to protect free movement

"I call for the urgent protection of transport traffic and for maintaining the normal functioning of the 'green corridors'". This was what Bulgarian Minister of Transport wrote in a letter to the EU Commissioner for Transport Adina-Ioana..

17.02.21 12:56 |

Three border checkpoints closed because of bad weather

Bad weather has led to closing of 3 border checkpoints, Daniel Ivanichkov of the Road Infrastructure Agency has told BNT. The checkpoints at the Greek border "Kulata" and "Ilinden" are closed. Traffic was also stopped at Gueshevo on..

15.02.21 10:40 |

Boyko Borissov: Repair works continue on all compromised roads in Bulgaria

"Wherever there are compromised roads in the country, machines and builders are working now," This was what Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said a video published on his Facebook page. Today, together with the Deputy..

11.02.21 13:40 |

E-vignette system being updated, delays are possible

Today, November 12, between 17.00 and 21.00, an update of the electronic system for tolls taxes and vignettes takes place, the road agency has warned. Within these four hours, there may be partial delays and interruptions, which could hinder the sale of..

12.11.20 06:10 |

Bus operating companies: Blocking roads makes our work difficult

The Confederation of Bus Carriers supports the protests when they are fair and when they are carried out within the law, the confederation's president Magdalena Miltenova has told BNR commenting on anti-government protests that continue for over a..

10.08.20 13:08 |
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