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Bulgarian rose oil - high price around the world and underpaid manual labor at home

Bulgarians often refer to the fragrant oil-bearing rose, which has been grown for centuries in the picturesque Bulgarian towns of Karlovo, Kazanlak, Strelcha and Perushtitsa, as “Queen Rose”. For more than 40 years an annual pageant called..

11.06.22 09:05 |

Making walnut oil: a forgotten skill that is making a comeback in the Valley of Roses

In the region of Kazanluk, an area known for the growing of oleaginous roses and the production of rose oil, sharlan or sharlagan (walnut oil) was something that could be found in every home. People would use walnut oil as food, but also..

05.06.22 09:00 |

Organic production based on an innovative technology is the key to success of a Bulgarian agricultural company

Building a successful business producing healthy products is a challenge. On one hand, competition on this niche market is huge. On the other hand, however, there is a growing interest among clients in natural products and organic food...

15.02.22 09:45 |

Damask rose producers demand moratorium on new plantations

The Association of Rose Growers in Bulgaria is demanding that the state impose a moratorium on the creation of new Damask rose plantations. Damask rose is grown on 5,500 hectares of land in Bulgaria and there are 48 registered processing..

06.11.21 10:56 |

A trip to the Rose Valley in the season of the “queen of flowers”

A legend has it that a Bulgarian who returned from Persia planted the first rose flower in Bulgaria’s Rose Valley. When the man was still in Persia, he fulfilled the will of a rich and powerful shah to build a mosque in the courtyard of his..

28.05.21 16:30 |

A number of serious problems bring stormy clouds over Bulgarian rose production

Bulgaria is famous as the country of roses. It has long been among the leaders in rose oil production, but those employed in the sphere have raised the alarm over a number of issues, some of which have been neglected for years. If we add to..

18.05.21 17:02 |

There is no market for Bulgarian oil-yielding rose

40% of roses will remain unpicked. In the autumn, some of the producers will start destroying the plantations, the Association of Rose Growers in Bulgaria forecasts. The reason is the lack of markets , BNR Horizont reporter Veselina Milanova..

14.05.21 12:15 |

Rose production at risk of zero year

The pandemic has hit the perfume industry, and hence the rose oil business. In 2020, 40% of the rose crop remained unpicked. This year the situation is critical. “We are on the verge of a zero year in rose production. A great many of the..

04.02.21 13:27 |

From the family gardens to world markets

The producers of rose oil from their own gardens near the town of Panagyurishte – the Ralchevs – lift the curtain on what exactly goes on at an organic farm and how the plants are grown. When the family’s heir, Vasil, developed his marketing..

04.06.20 14:25 |

Over 40% of rose crop this year to remain unharvested

The Bulgarian sector processing oil-yielding rose is left to cope with problems alone, while in Turkey there is state support, which lowers prices on world markets. This is what Metodi Stefanov, who is working in the field of rose processing, has told..

01.06.20 15:54 |

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