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Record-low yield of oil-bearing roses expected in Bulgaria due to low purchase price

A record-low harvest of oil-bearing roses is expected in Bulgaria this year , Hristo Nikolov, chairman of the National Association of Rose Producers in Bulgaria, told Radio Plovdiv. He expects between 8,000 and 9,000 tonnes to be harvested, given that..

25.05.22 18:27 |

Bulgarian rose producers to receive state aid over Covid-19 crisis

One of the most affected sectors in agriculture so far is the production and processing of rose blossoms and it must be supported. This was said by the Minister of Agriculture Desislava Taneva at a meeting of rose growers in the town of Klisura, Southern..

12.06.20 18:50 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 52

12 newly registered Coivid-19 cases in Bulgari a The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Bulgaria is 1,399,the National Crisis Headquarters announced. 12 new cases were confirmed on 28 April, 3 of them in Sofia region, and 9 in Vidin..

28.04.20 19:59 |
Bulgaria's emblematic rose-yielding rose (Rosa Damascena)

Bulgaria's rose producers fear mass bankruptcies on eve of rose-harvesting season

On the eve of the rose-picking season, this sector is faced with mass bankruptcies ,  the chairman of the professional organization of producers of roses in Bulgaria, Hristo Nikolov, stated .  The rose-harvesting season is expected to start in early..

28.04.20 12:51 |

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