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Venice Commission: There is no world practice of a prosecutor investigating the prosecutor general

The approval, at first reading in parliament, of the creation of the figure of a prosecutor to investigate the Prosecutor General of Bulgaria took the European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) by surprise. This is what..

08.01.21 15:49 |

EP democracy monitoring group to review situation in Bulgaria

The Monitoring Group on Democracy, Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights  (DRFMG) at the European Parliament is to discuss the situation in Bulgaria at today's meeting. Representatives of the government and the Prosecutor's Office of Bulgaria,..

08.01.21 06:30 |

European Parliament demands answers from Bulgarian authorities on judicial reform, rule of law

The Monitoring Group on Democracy, Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights (DRFMG) in the European Parliament is not satisfied with the answers it received to written questions sent by it to the Bulgarian authorities about the course of the judicial reform,..

15.12.20 13:27 |
President Rumen Radev

President Radev: We are again faced with three historical tasks-rule of law, freedom of speech and fair elections

31 years ago on this day the transition to democracy began in Bulgaria. The hopes of the free citizens for a just society, free initiative and social Bulgaria have so far failed to materialize, this country’s President Rumen Radev wrote on Facebook...

10.11.20 11:42 |

President Radev delivers lecture on human values and rule of law

Freedom, democracy and human rights are the cherished goals of European civilization. We must admit that they are far from being applied perfectly, Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev said in a lecture to the European Public Law Organization. Sometimes..

15.10.20 09:19 |
Andrey Kovatchev

MEP Andrey Kovatchev: The EP resolution on rule of law in Bulgaria is a Christmas tree with all sorts of things on it

“For us the report that is relevant is that of the European Commission – it is critical and objective,” MEP Andrey Kovatchev said for the BNR, commenting on the European Parliament resolution on rule of law in Bulgaria. He compared the..

11.10.20 12:50 |
Elena Yoncheva

MEP Elena Yoncheva: GERB is trying to shift the focus of the EP resolution

“The European Parliament resolution on rule of law in this country comes in defence of Bulgaria and is a huge success for all Bulgarians,” said MEP Elena Yoncheva for the BNR. “The document voted recognizes as legitimate the demands of the..

11.10.20 11:53 |

Antigovernment protests in Bulgaria continue

Antigovernment protests are expected downtown Sofia on Friday evening for the 93 rd consecutive time. The rally is held under the motto “We are not afraid”. Last night, demonstrators welcomed the resolution on the rule of law in Bulgaria adopted..

09.10.20 09:06 |

European Parliament adopts resolution on rule of law in Bulgaria

With 358 votes in favour, 277 against and 56 abstentions, MEPs adopted the resolution on the rule of law in Bulgaria. The document calls for full and unconditional respect for European values, BNR reported. The European Parliament regrets the..

08.10.20 19:41 |

Socialists and Democrats Group calls on MEPs to support resolution on Bulgaria

The Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament called on all MEPs to support the European Parliament’s resolution on Bulgaria. The socialists call on all MEPs to support the people in Bulgaria who have..

08.10.20 15:19 |
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