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Elena Yoncheva

MEP Elena Yoncheva: GERB is trying to shift the focus of the EP resolution

“The European Parliament resolution on rule of law in this country comes in defence of Bulgaria and is a huge success for all Bulgarians,” said MEP Elena Yoncheva for the BNR. “The document voted recognizes as legitimate the demands of the..

11.10.20 11:53 |

Antigovernment protests in Bulgaria continue

Antigovernment protests are expected downtown Sofia on Friday evening for the 93 rd consecutive time. The rally is held under the motto “We are not afraid”. Last night, demonstrators welcomed the resolution on the rule of law in Bulgaria adopted..

09.10.20 09:06 |

European Parliament adopts resolution on rule of law in Bulgaria

With 358 votes in favour, 277 against and 56 abstentions, MEPs adopted the resolution on the rule of law in Bulgaria. The document calls for full and unconditional respect for European values, BNR reported. The European Parliament regrets the..

08.10.20 19:41 |

Socialists and Democrats Group calls on MEPs to support resolution on Bulgaria

The Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament called on all MEPs to support the European Parliament’s resolution on Bulgaria. The socialists call on all MEPs to support the people in Bulgaria who have..

08.10.20 15:19 |

European Parliament rejects amendments to rule of law resolution on Bulgaria pertaining to President

The European Parliament rejected the amendments to the motion for the resolution on the rule of law in Bulgaria pertaining to Bulgarian President Rumen Radev. With the votes of the socialists, the liberals and the greens, the amendment..

08.10.20 12:22 |

European Parliament to vote on final text of resolution on Bulgaria

The European Parliament is expected to adopt the final text of the resolution on Bulgaria today. Before that, the debate on a total of 49 amendments to the text will continue, most of which soften criticism in the document. MEP from the European..

08.10.20 05:30 |

European Parliament to vote on amendments to draft resolution on rule of law in Bulgaria

Amendments to the draft resolution on the rule of law in Bulgaria are expected to be voted on in the European Parliament tonight, the correspondent  of the BNR in Brussels, Angelina Piskova, has announced. MEP Roberta Metsola from the..

07.10.20 10:45 |

European Parliament has discussed rule of law in Bulgaria

With little interest shown by MEPs in the plenary hall of the EP, a discussion on the rule of law in Bulgaria took place at the backdrop of ongoing anti-government protests in this country. On October 1, the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice..

06.10.20 11:00 |

LIBE’s resolution on Bulgaria – breath of fresh air for protesters and nightmare for government

Bulgaria will be on focus at the European Parliament on Monday when it will become clear whether the resolution of the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE), adopted on October 1, will receive a..

03.10.20 15:35 |

President Radev: European Commission has identified problems obvious for years

The systematic violation of the law and the public interest by the Prosecutor General, in an effort to protect the government and certain oligarchs at all costs and to attack those who are inconvenient, undermines the rule of law in the country, said..

01.10.20 14:58 |
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