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Competitors from 27 countries participate at Tryavna Ultra mountain marathon

840 participants from 27 countries stand at the start of the mountain ultramarathon "Tryavna Ultra". The competition is held for the sixth year in the heart of Stara Planina Mountain. The start and finish are on the square in the picturesque town of..

16.07.21 18:22 |

Sofia is hosting a 6-day running race

From May 21 to 27, a 6-day running competition is being held for the first time in Bulgaria. It marks the beginning of a new generation of multi-day competitions on the Balkan Peninsula. The route is 750 m long and is located in Sofia in the park "St...

21.05.21 15:29 |

More than 300 university students to take part in Varna Universiade

More than 300 students will take part in the XXI Varna Universiade, which starts today and will run until April 24 , BNR Varna reported. All events will carried out in accordance with the epidemiological situation in the country and will be held only..

10.04.21 07:05 |

Young athletes Teodor and Valentin Tsvetkov embark on marathon with noble cause

From September 14 to 20, the brothers Teodor Tsvetkov and Valentin Tsvetkov are holding their new marathon with a noble cause. Within seven days, Teodor will swim a distance of 280 km, and Valentin will run a distance of 280 km. For the..

20.09.20 05:00 |

100 participants join half marathon on Bulgaria's longest beach

Nearly 100 people from all over the country took part in the Kamchia Sands half marathon , the website bgathletic.com reports. The run on the longest beach in Bulgaria was organized by the Razgrad-based club "Green Foot" and was held on Saturday in..

31.08.20 15:57 |

Ultra-marathoner promotes the longest tourist route in Bulgaria

Ultra-marathoner Vladimir Stavrev has started his 721-km run on the route "Danube Ultra", parallel to the Danube, starting from the village of Kudelin and ending at the village of Durankulak on the Black Sea coast. The marathoner has passed the town..

04.08.20 11:12 |

Diplomats take part in Vitosha 100-kilometer race

More than 580 runners gathered for the 37th edition of the Vitosha 100-kilometer run, bgathletic.com has reported. Among the participants were representatives of 22 countries, including employees of a number of embassies in Bulgaria. The mountain..

27.07.20 09:39 |

PirinRun 2020 attracts mountain runners, cyclists for 7th time

Athletes in mountain running and cycling will compete for the 7 th consecutive time in the PirinRun 2020 race on June 21. Tracks have been prepared in three disciplines: for a 13 km mountain running competition; mountain biking competition - 26..

21.06.20 04:45 |

Charity running race to take place online on April 25

On Saturday, April 25, Bulgaria will host its first online running race amidst a state of emergency. Participants will run 5 km at home or at a designated permitted location. The results will be submitted via an online app, Ivan Radev from the Green..

22.04.20 10:15 |

Kiril Nikolov-Disl wins second place at Olympus Marathon in Greece

Olympus Marathon gathered the world's best runner and took them to the ancient gods' home - Olympus. This was the seventh start of the Skyrunner World Series. The track was 44-km-long, with 3200 meter of elevation difference as the highest point..

07.07.19 09:00 |

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