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Bulgaria submits Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plan to EC

The draft of Bulgaria’s Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plan (2023-2027) was submitted to the European Commission today by Minister of Agriculture Ivan Ivanov. The plan has the following priorities: stimulating consumption of..

25.02.22 19:27 |

The village school in Bulgaria’s Stoletovo – from ruins to grandeur

When we compare the past and present of Bulgarian villages, we inevitably tend to think of the village schools. They were usually housed in a building with spacious rooms and tall windows, which let in a lot of light for the little ones who had..

09.11.21 15:55 |

Are Bulgarian villages springing back to life?

Until no more than three-four years ago, Bulgaria, along with Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, was top of the grim list of countries whose rural areas were rapidly losing their population. At the time, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)..

30.09.21 12:50 |

National programme to stimulate production of unique Bulgarian products

A national programme will encourage the production and use of products unique to the different regions of Bulgaria. The working group for its establishment includes representatives of the Ministries of Agriculture, Economy, Regional Development, Culture..

01.08.21 14:50 |

Forced isolation in depopulated Bulgarian villages

According to demographic data of the National Statistical Institute from the end of the past year , in 23 per cent of villages in Bulgaria the number of local residents varies between 1 and 49. The district of..

02.05.20 06:20 |
The village of Pripek

Migration from the city to rural areas as a way of survival

At the beginning of the new millennium, movement of people from the city to rural areas began to take shape as a trend in Bulgaria. The reasons were mostly economic – about 20% of the businesses in the country preferred to operate in the..

01.04.20 14:07 |

Depopulation of Bulgaria’s rural areas continues

The depopulation of the Bulgarian rural areas and the migration to the large cities continues, analysis of Eurostat reads. The share of the urban population increased from 20% in 1950 to 75% in 2016. In the past 65 years some 6 million Bulgarians..

09.02.18 12:20 |
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