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Bulgarian National Revival figure to be canonized as Macedonian saint

The Macedonian church is to canonize hieromonk Yoakim Kurchovski , a prominent figure of Bulgaria’s National Revival Period on 22 May at Osogovo monastery in North Macedonia. He is titled “first Macedonian enlightener and teacher of Macedonians from..

07.05.22 16:15 |
Szandra Miskedi, Director of the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Sofia

Feast of St. Ivan Rilski is also marked as Day of Bulgarian-Hungarian friendship

For the fifth year, October 19 is celebrated as the Day of Bulgarian-Hungarian Friendship. The two nations have always maintained good relations over the years, which has given the opportunity for active cultural exchange between our countries,..

19.10.21 11:16 |

Bulgarian Orthodox Church pays homage to Saint Sophronius of Vratsa

Today the Bulgaria Orthodox Church honours the memory of Saint Sophronius of Vratsa  - a Bulgarian clergyman, bishop of Vratsa, national awakener and first follower of the work of Paisii Hilendarski. In Vratsa, the feast of the saint, who is the..

11.03.21 09:12 |

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