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Salary in Bulgaria has marked 65-percent rise over 10 years, cost of living jumped 25 percent

1232 euros are needed per month for the living of a 4-member household, with two parents and two children, according to data of trade unions in Bulgaria. For a four-member family living in the capital city of Sofia the sum rises to 1636 euros. For the..

25.01.19 16:03 |

Average gross monthly salary in Bulgaria reaches 572 euro

The average gross monthly salary in Bulgaria has reached 572 euro, as the rise compared to the same period of the previous year is 8.2%, according to data of the National Statistical Institute (NSI). The increase compared to the first quarter of..

10.08.18 16:02 |
Plamen Dimitrov

European TUs want higher salaries in Bulgaria

Europe wants higher salaries across the entire continent, but most of all in the countries of Eastern Europe where wages are many times lower than in the other European countries. This is the focus of the “Europe wants higher salaries” campaign..

15.02.17 15:33 |

Bulgaria last in EU and in the Balkans in terms of average monthly incomes

Bulgaria places last in the EU and in the Balkans in terms of incomes, analysis of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria shows. The average gross salary in that country amounts to EUR 420. It is 5.5 times lower as compared to the EU..

26.10.16 14:11 |
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