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Minister Denkov

Schools to remain closed until protection of children's health is guaranteed

Since the beginning of the school year, Covid cases among students have doubled. There were up to 500 infected children a day in the past week. That is why distance learning has been introduced, the Minister of Education Prof...

24.10.21 12:09 |
Nikolay Denkov

Misappropriation of funds for school trips detected

Millions of euros have been siphoned off through fictitious student trips, the Ministry of Education reported.The Ministry had paid almost 4 million euros to the company "Student’s Recreation and Sports" over a period of 2..

18.10.21 13:21 |
Education Minister Nikolai Denkov

I would support a green certificate for entering schools, Education Minister says

“If the Ministry of Health supports the proposal made by the Chief State Health Inspector Angel Kunchev for the enforcement of a green certificate for entering schools, I shall support it,” Education Minister Prof. Nikolai Denkov said in an..

16.10.21 10:50 |

2 million euro from gambling to be spent on school sports

4 million Leva (almost 2 million euro) in revenues from gambling is to be distributed among state-run and municipal schools for the construction of new and the repair of existing gyms and playgrounds.   The sum has been budgeted for in a joint..

14.10.21 16:35 |

Covid-19 antigen tests approved for testing in schools

Одобриха антигенни тестове за Covid-19 за тестване в училище Единадесет антигенни теста за диагностициране на Covid-19, които могат да се прилагат в училище от самите деца или от медицинските специалисти там. Те са включени в списък, предоставен на..

13.10.21 19:08 |

New national anti-Covid measures are being planned

Specific anti-epidemic measures must be implemented at local level, not strict restrictive measures for all. This is the position expressed by the Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov at a briefing on the current Covid-19 situation in..

13.10.21 17:08 |
Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education recommends testing school staff once a week

Teachers should wear masks, including during classes, the Ministry of Education has recommended. Masks for teachers are not mandatory when keeping a distance of at least 1.5 meters from students. The ministry also recommended testing..

01.10.21 13:05 |
Education Minister Nikolai Denkov

Education Minister: The gradual increase of Covid-19 cases is not worrying

“The gradual increase in the number of new Covids-19 cases in the country is not worrying, as yet,” said Minister of Education Nikolai Denkov, and added that he was monitoring the epidemic effect after the start of the school year. In his words the..

21.09.21 15:06 |
Minister Denkov

35% of teachers have been vaccinated against coronavirus

A few days after the start of the school year, it was reported that 35% of the teachers have completed their immunization against coronavirus and another 3% have received the first dose of the vaccine, the Minister of Education Prof...

18.09.21 11:23 |

Bulgarian schools will open new school year in person

The celebrations on the occasion of the start of the new school year on September 15 will be held in the school yards, but at different times for different classes, an order of the Minister of Education Prof. Nikolay Denkov reads. There will also be..

10.09.21 15:20 |
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