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Health Inspector Angel Kunchev

Chief Health Inspector: Schools will not be closed and checkpoints will not be built

"I am frightened by the level of spreading false news, rumours and all sorts of conspiracy theories, " Bulgaria's state health inspector Angel Kunchev told Nova TV on the opening day of the school year in Bulgaria.   According to him, too many people..

15.09.20 09:37 |

How to avoid bullying in schools

Bulgarian students are excited about September 15 when they will go to the classrooms for the first time after the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and the state of emergency. Along with the joy of meeting their classmates again, a problem..

14.09.20 11:45 |
Krasimir Valchev

Schools will be free to choose form of schooling: Education Minister

“During the new school year students in Bulgaria will be able to study at remote learning nucleus schools. The other option is to study via virtual link to a real classroom  together, for up to 30 days,” Minister of Education and Science Krasimir..

18.08.20 10:24 |
Angel Kunchev

There are no new Covid-19 deaths in Bulgaria over past 24 hours

Six new Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in Bulgaria over the past 24 hours. Three of them have been hospitalized. There are no persons aged under 18 among them, and no medical staff. There are no deaths over the past 24 hours . The total..

01.06.20 08:30 |
Empty school yards

Bulgaria's schools to only reopen for end-of-school-year exams

Bulgarian schools will complete the 2019/2020 academic year via distance learning as students will return to the classrooms only in order to take their final exams . This decision was taken today by Bulgaria's Education and Science Minister Krasimir..

29.04.20 18:12 |

Parents, teachers' unions call for keeping schools closed

Parents and unions of teachers in Bulgaria strongly oppose the idea of ​​reopening schools before the end of the school year. Prime Minister Boyko Borissov mentioned such an option for students in grades 7 and 12 who are about to apply for admission to..

28.04.20 14:55 |
Education Minister Krasimir Valchev and PM Boyko Borissov at training for partial reopening of parks in Sofia

Education Minister: Final exams for 7th and 12th-grade pupils likely to take place in June

Bulgaria's Prime Minister has asked the Minister of Education for a clear plan for the completion of the school year for students in the 7th and 12th grades of the Bulgarian school system . It is important for them to physically complete the school year..

26.04.20 16:52 |
Head of National Covid-19 Crisis Headquarters, Prof. Ventsislav Mutafchiyski

Bulgaria expects new peak in the epidemic

According to mathematical models, Bulgaria has experienced one peak of Covid-19, which was in early April. After that, there has been a decline and the country is now climbing to the next pea k, the head of the National Covid-19 Crisis Staff, Gen...

26.04.20 10:03 |

90% of Bulgarian school-goers involved in distance learning

90% of school-goers and 96% of schools in Bulgaria are now involved in distance learning, according to Ministry of Education and Science data. Extending the school year is not inevitable and depends on how long the crisis measures due to the..

30.03.20 10:47 |

Bulgarian schools abroad also switch to online classes

Schools in Bulgaria have switched to online classes since Monday. Almost everywhere in the world, especially in Europe, Bulgarian Sunday Schools abroad have switched to online training. The transition to distance learning is already underway in the..

17.03.20 15:02 |
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